Quotes that might come back to haunt them…

“There is a history of involvement in the British army on the Falls Road”: Sinn Fein’s Tom Hartley, at Belfast’s (unofficial) Somme memorial ceremony.

  • dinoboy

    He’s right, but weren’t many of those (millions) in WW1 conscripts who died in a war they barely understood?

    Do we honestly believe that if Britain hadn’t gone to war with Germany that Ireland would have been excluded from a Nazi invasion?

    All the dead of those two wars should be respected by all in theses isles.

  • jack

    yes, tom’s quite right; i mean just look at the number of his provo colleagues and comrades who were working for british army intelligence!

  • jamoose

    Maybe he’s trying to tell us something…

  • Gum

    Why will it “come back to haunt” him Pete? Anyone can make a quote look silly by lifting it out of context . Big deal.

  • Gum,

    Belfast Gonzo is not Pete! Gonzo is more of a ‘steve’ ….

  • Gum

    Haha, oh dear. Apologies to Pete. Will teach me to read who made the post. Although, lack of astroids aside, it’s definately the sort of topic that Pete would make an issue of…