“and other missing persons..”

The Presumption of Death Bill might have been “introduced into the Assembly today by the Finance Minister, Nigel Dodds OBE MP, MLA”, but its origins lie with the then-Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Peter Hain. As with Mr Hain, Nigel Dodds links what should be a straight-forward, and logical, tidying up of the legal position of missing persons with the more politically charged and emotive issue of the acknowledged “human rights violation” which was the deliberately abduction, murdering, and secret burials by the Provisional IRA, et al. [Any news on those searches? – Ed]. The first step, after all.. before it’s too late..

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  • willowfield

    The possessive “its” does not have an apostrophe.

    Schoolboy error.

  • aquifer

    Transfer of Police and Justice powers to people associated with ‘disappearances’ and much else besides?

    I’d like to see the details.

  • Pete Baker

    I’ll try not to let it happen again, willow.

    And back to the topic..

  • ordinary man

    This is another cheap shot by Pete Baker to provoke ODR’s (ordinary decent republicans) into responding about trivial nonsense from decades ago.
    If Mr.Baker could extract his anti-republican head from his anti-violence backside for long enough he would see that the Provo’s don’t do abductions anymore!
    The idea that loved ones have no body to bury are a thing of the past Pete get used to it, the ODC’s (ordinary decent republicans) are much more progressive now, they are much more considerate, now they just beat you to a pulp inside a pub then chase you outside and stab you to death in the street leaving your bloodied body there for your family to clean and bury.
    However not to burden the families with the extra work and hardship the ODC’s (ordinary decent republicans) are willing to help clean up the bar and the surrounding area.