“There is an atmosphere of unresolved debate..”

It’s not the first time the Northern Irish Catholic bishops have called for greater clarity from the Education Minister, Sinn Féin’s Caitriona Ruane, about her vision for the future.. The BBC picks up on an Irish News report about a statement from the Catholic bishops. [subs req for now]

Catholic bishops have accused education minister Caitriona Ruane of creating “fear, uncertainty and instability” by a lack of clarity on proposals for school selection. The northern bishops say they are disappointed that, as another school year ends, key aspects of the minister’s plans remain unclear.

Adds The statement is online here

“While some have sought to claim the support of the Catholic Bishops for their approach to the current debate, we have scrupulously avoided endorsing the perspective of any political party or any specific structures to replace the 11+. We have indicated broad principles and with others have awaited specific proposals from the Department of Education about the way ahead.”