How Cowen lost the Treaty

This video essay on Brian Cowen’s response to the loss of the Lisbon Treaty vote is doing the rounds in government circles in Dublin.

  • Peter Doran

    This video essay is doing the rounds in government circles in Dublin…

  • Steve

    Its a well done mash up but I can’t see anyone happy to be portrayed as nazi’s.

    And considering the way politics are shaping up in england would have worked brtter for Brown considering he is sitting on the edge of government collapse….. if only he had held a referendum

  • sms

    steve lighten up. all the world’s a stage it’s brilliant

  • earnan


    I have seen that same clip used in a few other situations. The best was where it portrayed Hitler as a cowboy fan (american football) after they lost in the playoffs. It is usually pretty funny

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Fall off the chair hilarious…

  • DC

    The clip was also used to slag of the American BMW designer who Hitler in the clip had said he had “taken better shits that were better than the American’s chasis”.

    Probably the best bit of German acting around. Good performances and well funny when doctored.

  • There’s a rather funnier un-pc version of it doing the rounds- in this one, Adolf as a Man Utd fan distraught at the lost of Ronaldo:

  • Greenflag

    So how does Godwin’s Law apply in this instance ?