“disband and disarm or face the consequences..”

Two men have handed themselves in to police in Londonderry and are being questioned in connection with the murder of Emmett Shiels but police say they know that 5 or 6 men were involved. Meanwhile, with Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, telling the House of Commons that “dissident republican activity is at its highest level for five years”, two of those republican paramilitary groups in Londonderry have denied involvement in the murder. In Strabane, however, where Sinn Féin had a little local difficulty with some of their councillors and the DPP, one of those groups is claiming credit for disarming and disbanding a “group of vigilantes”.

“The INLA got involved and have told us that, with the assistance of other republican groups, they investigated the matter and identified those responsible. The INLA then went to this group and gave them an ultimatum to disband and disarm or face the consequences. The INLA told us the vigilante group agreed to disband and have handed over their weapons to responsible people,” [Willie Gallagher of IRSP] said.

Adds Given the references to vigilantes, it’s worth asking the question again – Whatever happened to Community Restorative Justice? In particular, in the North West..

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  • Concerned Loyalist

    “Firstly we would like to send our condolences and sympathies to the family, from the Derry Brigade of the INLA. We were not involved in Emmett’s death in any way, shape or form.”………………………………………………………………………………….

    “Derry Brigade”? Who are these scumbags trying to kid? They wouldn’t even have enough members in the entire organisation to make a Battalion (750-1,000), let alone 100 members in Londonderry itself, to make a full Company!

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Emmett Shiels’ family are well-known republicans, but even though I do admit that I baulk at their politics, my thoughts will be with them at the mindless death of their son/brother/Grandson and father-to-be.

    Loyalist and Republican communities alike, but particularly the republican community it has to be said, suffer at the hands of these mindless, non-educated, delinquent hoods. The people living in these communities in areas like the Creggan and Bogside, need to come out onto the streets in protest at what has been done in “their backyard”. If they know the perpretators they have to shop these scumbags by going down to the Strand Road Police Station and giving the police any information they have, however small…

  • Strabaneman

    Makes me want to vomit. “Responsible people”. The INLA does have some little influence in Strabane, unfortunately. But it comes solely through violence and the threat of violence. Petty little uneducated thugs who would be dictators.

  • Strabanewoman

    A frequent spokesman for the IRSP in Strabane is looked upon by most townsfolk as a self-aggrandizing buffoon. Buffoon he may be but he is also a brutal thug. He is also the headman for the local INLA. He would also appear to have another source of income as well as the dole. It is widely suspected that he recieves another source of money from HMG in the form of cash delivered by his handler. Otherwise there should be enough evidence to put him behind bars, probably in an institution for the criminally insane.

  • anotherstrabaneman

    I have lived in strabane for over 30 years and I think the inla have considerable influence and would be the strongest grouping, unfortunately. The dogs in the street know who these so called vigilantess are, they’re all members of the sinn féin memorial band and a right bunch of bullying thugs blasting a shotgun into a grannys house. I wish all groups would go away but I’m glad the inla disbanded this particular bunch of thugs.

  • anotherstrabaneman

    I would like to see every group in strabane accept the new dispensation and forgo all armed activity. I think ‘strabane man’ and ‘strabanewoman’ have some sort of personal issues with willie gallagher as he does have a lot of respect within strabane. I know where he lives which is a council house and he’s far from wealthy from what I can see. Even though I abhor his politics there’s no way he is an agent of ‘HMG’ and he’s far from a buffoon.

  • Bakunin

    Willie Gallagher didn’t shoot Shiels. Why are we talking about him? The INLA and the Reals have denied involvement. Sounds like youth, booze and guns — a horrible combination. Of course, the provisional republican movement knows all about that. I bet they wont say much about that.

  • Pete Baker

    Firstly, I’d remind everyone to play the ball!

    Secondly, there’s a much wider conversation to be had here – which I’ve tried to indicate with the update to the original post.