“58% of the sample disagreed, compared to 36% who agreed”

The Sinn Féin spokesman on education John O’Dowd’s response was “Opinion polls vary..”, but I’m not sure there have been that many other polls on this.. Anyway, the Belfast Telegraph reports that a poll of 876 adults in Northern Ireland, commissioned by the Conservative Party, carried out by YouGov, on post-primary education – the issue which “could define the executive” – produced the following results.

The main question was: “The Minister of Education Caitriona Ruane would like to see the current 11-plus system scrapped. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this proposal?” A total of 58% of the sample disagreed, compared to 36% who agreed.

Interestingly there’s also a break-down of those figures by political party

The poll — commissioned by the Conservative Party — shows that almost 80% of unionist voters, 36% of SDLP supporters and 34% of Sinn Fein followers are against the Minister of Education’s proposals, while Alliance voters have chalked up 75% opposition.