What, no recriminations?

It’s intriguing that there no recriminations within the YES camp have yet surfaced. That may be to do with the fact that when it comes down to it, that although the Government can reasonably be accused of hanging on to the pathos of the Farewell Bertie Tour for far too long, the truth is that no one looks good coming out of this. Slugger understands for instance that in Meath East for instance, the Fine Gael base was turning fairly comprehensively to the NO camp (the constituency just about scraped a YES). Labour will take little comfort that much of its base failed to show for the YES too.


  • oscaildoshuile

    No recriminations, funny. Maybe because the ‘great devil’ was on the winning side, and it’s best not to give them any more amunition, lest they rest enough votes from this motley crew next time round?