Davis campaign website launched…

DAVID Davis for Freedom went online this morning. He writes in his blog: Having rigged the voted on 42 days – through bribery and bullying – this government will be tempted by the politics of terror to come back and ask for even longer periods of pre-charge detention. And they still plan to introduce ID cards, which will leave us vulnerable to criminal hackers and even terrorists. So I believe it is time to take a stand.

  • Over Here

    The ego has landed

  • perry patetic

    Word searched the home page and couldn’t find conservative or party.

  • SetantaBhoy

    Is he nuts or a genius?

    I dont think he is a genius…

  • 3 cheers for DD. A principled politician, not one who hawks his/her vote around like a self-employed person under the Albert Clock.

  • I was going to detail all my reasons, but my diatribe was made redundant.

    David Aaronovitch did it so much better in today’s Times