Dromore: Never again?

A strange one this: Jim Allister has a comment on his web site about an interview with Sammy Wilson on Stormont Live last week. According to Jim Allister, Sammy has suggested that he would like to bring forward legislation enforcing mandatory co-option of a replacement councillor in the event of someone stepping down.Allister feels that this proposal is directed specifically at the TUV and it would of course be a rather cunning ploy by the DUP and might help prevent the TUV gaining any more momentum. Allister does, however, point to a number of potential issues on which a legal challenge could be mounted (see above link). There is also of course the fact that elections are an “Excepted Matter” and as such under Westminster control. Unless of course the PM could be persuaded to support such a DUP move: maybe in exchange for something? We all know, however, that the DUP asked for and expect nothing from Brown after the 42 days vote and would never use any political leverage they have for remotely selfish ends.

The greatest irony in all this is of course that if Sammy Wilson’s idea is to avoid another Dromore; it was of course the DUP themselves whose objection to a UUP co-option which created the by election in the first place.