Saying No to Mary

The President of the RoI Mary McAleese has visited Millburn Primary School in Coleraine. A crowd of between 30 and 50 jeered her and her husband. The headmaster of the school has reported that he has suffered intimidation over the visit.From the Newsletter: John Moffat of the local resident’s association said the community was showing its distaste at the President’s presence.

“The school asked us for our opinions and we said we didn’t want to hear”

“This is not only a protest about the President’s visit, but also at the way the school has handled things.

“There was the Nazi comments and it has been claimed that the Queen wouldn’t be able to visit the Irish Republic until policing and justice powers are devolved to Stormont, yet she can come up here without any pre-conditions.”

Some in local community have complained about a lack of consultation (including on the Radio Ulster report some parents) but this has been denied by the headmaster John Platt.

This is the same school which was previously involved in controversy when Catriona Ruane visited it and subsequently a number of break-ins occurred which were blamed on loyalists though the UPRG denied UDA involvement.


Jim Allister seems less than impressed by Mrs. McAleese’s visit issuing the following statement:
“Considering the flagrant way she troops all over Northern Ireland, treating it as if it were her own, it will do no harm that today President McAleese met a grassroots protest in Coleraine.
She pours out periodic vitriol against the majority community, even has the audacity to come to Northern Ireland the day the Queen visits and pontificate about when and how Her Majesty will be permitted to visit the Republic. I’m not surprised, therefore, that today ordinary Unionists took the opportunity to speak their mind. It’s a pity we don’t have a government capable or willing to put Mrs McAleese in her place, then street protests would be unnecessary.”

  • Should have gone to specsavers

    Mary Robinsn shook hands with Gerry Adams and what was the reaction to that?

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Mary Robinsn shook hands with Gerry Adams and what was the reaction to that?

    Posted by Should have gone to specsavers on Jun 13, 2008 @ 02:50 AM


    What year are you referring to and how is it relevant to McAleese’s visit to Millburn Primary?

  • Steve

    I’m not biting, Steve…

    Posted by Concerned Loyalist on Jun

    Steve appreciates that

  • Suilven

    ‘If you are an ulster loyalist then that makes you a Irish nationalist’


    If you’re Canadian, you might be a United Empire Loyalist too…

  • Should have gone to specsavers

    A previous psot said that there was no problems with Robinson.

    She was despised by certain quarters.

  • Steve

    I might be Sulliven

    But I am not

    I was refering to the fact that ulster is a province of Ireland not nIreland

    Besides which I am a western Canadian and empire loyalists are from Ontario

    And they can keep them

  • Concerned Loyalist


    The 9-county province of Ulster has been defunct since 1921, when the Government Of Ireland Act came into effect. This Act meant that the North-Eastern counties of Fermanagh, Armagh, Tryone, Londonderry, Antrim and Down remained British, keeping it free from the potential tyrannical rule of a deeply anti-Protestant Dublin. This new state was officially named Northern Ireland, but was affectionately known as Ulster by the vast majority of her population.

    Glad to clear that up for you all the way over there in Canada. You obviously haven’t done your research on the Ulster Question, have you fella?

  • Greenflag


    ‘Now, how do you see working-class unionist making progress… forming their own political parties? They tried that. They didn’t get very far. ‘

    Not my business Dave . They probably need Repartition to have any chance of making any significant entry into NI politics .

    Concerned Loyalist ,

    You are correct re this dave o’connell comment . I would’nt reply the chap has made it abundantly clear he belongs to the fruit & nut brigade .

    Based on your ‘postings ‘ I’m sure you would support a fair ‘repartition’ on NI or do you prefer to keep 47% of the population of Northern Ireland in a state to which they have little or no allegiance ?

  • Concerned Loyalist: Regarding Rangers, remember Manchester, the latest outing by the scum. Why do they attack English policemen anyway? Is it because they are scum or is there another reason.

    Mary mcAleese is a non person, elected to a non job because of the lack of better candidates. It is better to have Rangers scum doing that rather than Harryville or Holy Cross.

    Gerry Adans handshake: If you were really a concerned loyalist, you would know about that. it eas a big deal at the time and it even put David Beckham off page one for a few minutes.

    Greenflag: If I am what you say, at least I am informed, which is something no one could really accuse you of. Now, I will step back at let CL make another few dozen posts.

  • Steve

    Concerned loyalist

    that cute hoor explanation still doesnt give you the right to expropriate the name

    So no, over here in Canada your tantrum is bolocks

  • Concerned Loyalist

    In what way have I “expropriated” the term “Ulster Loyalist”? There are many meanings of the word “expropriate”, so I take it you are referring to the meaning;
    “to take (something) from another’s possession for one’s own use”?

    The Orange Order was founded back in 1795 and there were Loyalists in Ulster for hundreds of years before that, so who have we “expropriated” or, in layman’s terms, stolen the name from? We’ve used the terminology for centuries, you idiot…

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Dave O’Connell,

    You can have a conversation with me about football’s “scum” supporters when so-called Celtic “fans” cease their provocative and deeply offensive flying of IRA/INLA Hunger-Strike Flags glorifying the suicides of ten “untermenschen” at Old Firm meetings with Rangers. (seeing as various contributors on this thread have embraced Nazi terminology, I will do the same)

    Just to remind us why these dregs of society were in prison in the first place:

    Bobby Sands: Possession of a firearm.

    Francis Hughes: Various offences, including the murder of a soldier.

    Raymond McCreesh: Attempted murder, possession of a rifle, IRA membership.

    Patsy O’Hara: Possession of a hand grenade.

    Joe McDonnell: Possession of a firearm.

    Martin Hurson: Attempted murder, involvement in explosions, IRA membership.

    Kevin Lynch: Stealing shotguns, taking part in a punishment shooting.

    Kieran Doherty: Possession of firearms and explosives, hijacking.

    Thomas McElwee: Manslaughter.

    Michael Devine: Theft and possession of firearms.

    Hardly an inclusive, non-sectarian subject for celebration at a football match between two bitter derby rivals now, is it…

  • Concerned Loyalist


    In a word NO. Repartition is not a viable option. At one time the UDA put together a “Doomsday Document”, where they made plans for a repartitioned Ulster. They were influenced by the Queen’s University historian, Liam Kennedy, who published a lengthy study on the subject. However, these plans, as the name of the document suggests, would only ever be considered in the event of all-out civil war. They didn’t believe it was the best solution to “The Ulster Question”…

  • Steve

    Concerned Loyalist

    how many of those 10 men were given fair and propper trials and not convicted on the hear say of the official terrorists?