Albert Reynolds and the Global Environmental Energy Corporation (GEECF)

As reported in the Irish News on 29 May, Albert Reynolds made an advance announcement about a ‘plan’ to create jobs in Derry. The reported plan would involve the construction of high-temperature Biosphere waste burners in China, with associated employment in Derry. Reynolds is a former Chair of the company, which has attracted unwelcome press attention for both Albert and his Irish friend Chris McCormack. The Sunday Business Post and The Times are just two of the publications that have reported on the travails surrounding the gentlemen’s business affairs, which span the globe. The Irish News story is short on detail, but McCormack is privately indicating that the Derry jobs will be linked to education content to be supplied online to African villages, using energy recovered from waste burnt in his Biosphere plants. He also insists that the Biosphere is completely free of hot air.