TUV announces party officers

I am sorry if this is essentially a press release but I keep being asked what the TUV are doing in our possible mini crisis so here we go and the timing is remarkably good. The TUV had a central council meeting last night and elected party officers for the next year:President: William Ross
Leader: Jim Allister
Chairman: Ivor McConnell
Vice-chairman: Keith Harbinson
Secretary: Karen Boal
Treasurer: Kenny Loughrin
Press Officer: Sammy Morrison

In terms of the possibility of an early election, the chairman said:

“While we believe poll is highly unlikely, Traditional Unionists have nothing to fear from the electorate. Confirmation that Jeffrey Donaldson is to serve as the DUP director of elections is a great encouragement to our party. One recalls how the Lagan Valley MP was the one tasked with killing Traditional Unionist Voice at the Dromore by-election. If Mr Donaldson produces a repeat performance we can look forward to any election with a high degree of confidence.
Of course the current crisis at Stormont illustrates that the DUP cannot even change their leader without the agreement of the Provisional movement. Regardless of when the next election come up, I am sure ordinary Unionists will remember how closely wedded the DUP are to a party dedicated to the destruction of the Union.”