“The bog was there when the book was deposited, the bog didn’t come after.

It hardly seems like 18 months since I blogged the discovery of the 8/9th Century psalter in a peat bog.. ANYhoo.. The Irish Times reports that the the National Museum of Ireland plans to recreate “the Faddan More Psalter”, using digital technology, or re-write it “in Latin by a calligraphy expert following the monastic style of the eighth century.”

The texts are written in Latin with many pages colourfully decorated with yellow, red, white and green however these have faded badly over the years. However it is not as ornately made as the Book of Kells and was more likely a working text, used everyday. It contains a version of the Gallican Psalter, made by St Jerome in 392 AD, which later became popular in Gaul, modern day France, and by far the most popular version in Ireland for centuries.

Museum staff said the text is very similar to the Cathach, the earliest surviving Irish manuscript and also a psalter. Details of the find, analysis and the preservation work carried out over the last 18 months will be presented at a public lecture in museum’s Kildare Street wing on Thursday.