And in a lighter mood..

Terry Wogan [and his wig? – Ed] is probably content that RTE didn’t progress to the Eurovision 2008 final, but he’s been delivering his usual dry commentary anyway – “just cling to the wreckage”. If you weren’t watching the festival on TV you could follow the live-blogging at the Guardian.. or you could have done both.. or neither.. Possible suggested winners, 15 minutes of voting ahead, Armenia or Ukraine [or Greece – Ed].. although I did like the French entry – others may differ in their view. The German entry was pants. Ditto Finland, etc, etc. Btw Russia won. And Terry “may quit”. [Is his contract up for renewal? – Ed]

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  • Ard Eoin

    Good to see Terry is flying the flag for a tolerant multi-cultural britain again.

  • bbm

    I was surprised by the poor quality of most of the singing. OK if you are a heavy metal band, but a bit worrying if your speciality is pop balads.

  • RepublicanStones

    So Greece gave full points to Armenia.
    Remind me again which country carried out the Armenian genocide?

    you gotta love the not so sub sub-text of the eurasia-vision as it should be called.

  • Dewi

    Republican Stones – you watch this stuff!!!! Ain’t u got better things to do?

  • RepublicanStones

    Dewi not when i return home 10 hrs late and still hungover fron the Springsteen concert in Dublin last night. What the lady wants to watch she watches. Anyway, I’ve got Galloway on talksport on the PC to keep me sane.

  • Dewi

    Just home from watching Munster win – and managed to get all of Caroline St to sing “Galway Shawl” on friday night – so all is cool – Nos da

  • RepublicanStones

    Munster won ? happy days. although im not fussed on the oval ball, and no doubt the corkonians will remind m eof these Glory Days, its still something to crack open a cold one over. Dewi, im sure you’ll have a night cap. no doubt the people of munster will be Dancing in the Dark tonight.

    “Where’s me coat?”

  • RepublicanStones

    Mae drwg calon da fi Dewi

    i meant to finish with……. oíche mhaith

  • Dewi

    Everyone on Slugger speaks Welsh…apart from those from whatever country won this stupid competition. Astonished, Cardiff.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Munster won, Ireland drew at Croker, and Russia won the Eurovision. But it should have should have been Dustin, mar sin 🙁

    There is no god, plenty of dogs, but no gods.


  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    How did the UK do in the Eurovision by the way?

    Was there anything for those on the Shankill and the like to cheer about?

  • Gregory

    “How did the UK do in the Eurovision by the way?”

    Last I think.


  • Cosaintoir

    A very miserable last for UK with lost of boos in the arena before and after the song as well as on the two out of 43 votes that they actually got points. That’s adds up to not a lot of friends.

    Terry Wogan needs to retire gracefully – his two vaguely amusing comments every three hours along with his casual xenophobia are really tiresome now. I think he undermines the UK in Eurovision, as well as the poor songs that is…..

  • iluvni

    I must say those 4 Norwegian blonde hotties were upstaged by the ‘shady lady’ from Ukraine.
    12 points for her.

    Maybe the UK just needs a decent song. Yer man was crap.

  • Rory

    Not being gay myself (not that I’ve anything etc. …)I do not watch the Eurovision Song Contest, but I understand that the UK entry (or the “entry from England” as BBC Radio4 had it this morning)won only votes from … Ireland and one other country (Norway? San Marino?).

    God! Aren’t we just too nice and forgiving for our own good sometimes – no matter what some fella writing for the British Council might say?

  • Valenciano

    The rest of Europe hasn’t a clue who Terry Wogan is so his presence or lack of it will make no difference to the inevitable bottom five finish.

    The French song was the best one but had zero chance of winning.

  • Some classic comments from the Togmeister last night

    [Albania] “a pleasing view of the first belly button of the night”

    [Germany] “three Germanic lovelies tightly corseted for your delight”

    [Armenia] “keep an ear out for the old Mongolian nose flute”

    [Poland] “you haven’t seen teeth like this since the Osmonds”

    If it is his last year, he certainly gave it his all.

  • Rory

    There is a Burt Reynolds’ movie where the opening scene is set in a drive-in movie where our hero is below eye level with a fine young woman. The movie at the drive-in has Errol Flynn in the Khyber Rifles gigantically backdropped and Reynolds’ head keeps popping up from the action at hand (so to speak) to the action on screen while the girl increasingly annoyed attempts to pull his attention back down. Eventually, exasperated, she cries,

    “Whadda ya doin’, watching the Goddam movie?”

    ” But it’s Errol Flynn”.

    “So! Whadda you – freakin’ gay or sumpin’?”

    “No”, says Reynolds, “but for Errol Flynn, maybe”.

    In the same spirit, Wogan makes Eurovision watchable.

    A win for “The Turkey” would have made this year’s event that iconic moment we all would wish we had not missed but would have pretended anyway to our grandchildren that we had in fact watched it.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    French song definitely the hippest, Ukranian, the best. And what a looker. Norwegian the most fun. I was totally put off by the constant diplomatic/tactical voting. Even Portugal was at it voting for Spain which was not even worthy of being crap.

    Dewi, you are so uncool. Everybody who is anybody watches Eurovision. Mind you I am kinda hancuffed most saturday nights what with running after weans and cleaning nappies.

    btw. Had a great family day at paradise today remembering Phil O’donnell and Tommy Burns. The king of Kings Henrick Larsson was there. And some of the first team brought out the SPL trophy at the end…………………………MAGIC!

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Terry has completley lost the plot – having helped turned the Eurovision into absolutely compulsive viewing by taking the almighty piss out of it – he is now complaining that it is no longer a proper siniging competiton. Has he gone stark raving mad.

    The time has surely come for Limerick to pass the baton to Cork – from Wogan to Grahma Norton. A gay munster prod is yer only man in times like these and in a competition which has become the modern equivalent of the Rocky Horror show. Another Munsterman to concur Europe after the quarfellahs themselves sent the sophisticated French Feckers packing in Kaydiff.

  • Dewi

    Congrats Sammy – but hells bells I wish your fans could either:

    1) Sing some other songs or:
    2) At least learn a verse or two.

    On Friday night I got the whole of Caroline St to sing Galway Shawl and Sean South from Garryowen – in the game it was just Athenry…and just the blasted chorus. Well done though.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    Itoldyoumanytimesbeforewedontdothe singingthingwearemoreoftheoraljabberingtraditionwhilstyourfellahsdothepropersingingwithallthoseversesandnosignofacorusanywhere.(Ulysses p.264 StephenDedalus in conversation unknown Welshman)

  • Dewi

    Funny – great weekend though – shame there were not more French girls about though….

  • Dewi

    Just saw that Tony – well done on the soccer.

  • Turgon

    There is a solution to the UK loosing the Eurovision. It is provided by Fundamentalist Ulster Protestants (and no it is not just banning it). It is splitting and creating another Eurovision. Call it the Free, Reformed, Independent or something else Eurovision and explain that the new one has sold out its principles. Then we can vote for ourselves repeatedly. If the RoI wish to join that would be fine as well and we could win the competition turn and turn about.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    French feckers dont seem to travel well either in how they play on the pitch or off it in terms of numbers – and now you mention it French quarones really thin on the ground.

    I had to go home fairly quickly for my Eurovision party but did not hear anything other than positive reports from town except where one seemingly very intoxicated Welshman really annoyed a lot people in Caroline street by shouting abuse athem for not knowing how to sing properly.

  • Dewi


    “There is a solution to the UK loosing the Eurovision. It is provided by Fundamentalist Ulster Protestants (and no it is not just banning it). It is splitting and creating another Eurovision.”

    Like Eurohymnavision?

    Sammy – they were great in the street – in the ground it was boring….

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    I appreciate that given the recent failure of the ROI’s poultry effort that now might not be the best time to try and enlist our Northern Prod Neighbours to throw their lot in with us rather than with the mainland but remember we have been very sucessful in the past so why not a joint entry for next year that reflected all traditions on the island inclduing perhaps something with a loyal orders input – though admittedly it might have to be camped up just a touch. And of course ABBA done good with Waterloo so Battle of the Boyne might have possibilities.

  • Rory

    Why oh why do so many on this site misuse the word “loosing” when they intend to use “losing”?

    “Loosing” describes the act of easing the knot on one’s tie in the preparation for undressing. “Losing” describes the foolish act of leaving one’s tie under the bed of the boss’s wife after dressing again in a hurry.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Ah, maybe if we had the individual ‘home’ nations instead of the block UK, ie Scotland, Wales, England and the two Irelandz we may all get a few votes shared amongst us then. (Maybe England still mightn’t do too well.)

    BTW when was the last time we had an NI, (or Scottish or Welsh) entrant representing the UK. I know Phil Coulter wrote a winning ditty for Sandie Shaw but that was a long time ago.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Dana (Derry) sang for ROI, some qaureone from Newry sang for UK and Mary Hopkins (Wales)sang for UK – spring to mind.

  • Dewi

    Those were the days Remember Black and White?