Problems of our times

Responding to Michael Bloomberg’s call, First Minister Ian Paisley said today:

“Outsiders pulling down walls will accomplish nothing but when those on both sides of the wall mutually come to agreement and say we are taking down these walls, then we will have won a great victory and I look forward to that victory being sealed over and over again in these areas where there has been great trouble in the past days.”

How can such local agreements be achieved?

  • Wee slabber

    Ironic call, since the RIP was the very man who helped put them up!

  • Crow

    Personally, I think it a little premature, with its biggest proponents not really comprehending the situation on the ground. That said, of the existing peace-lines, does anybody know if there is a natural candidate?

  • ben

    Typical Norn Iron bull-headedness. “Of course we want to take down the walls, but we won’t do it just because some foreigner wants us to.”

  • joeCanuck

    How can such local agreements be achieved?

    You have to work on the mental walls first. Once they come down the physical walls will soon follow.
    It’s probably going to take a generation, unfortunately.

  • picador

    The first walls to come down could be those around Torrens in north Belfast but only because the Prods moved out mind you. It is not in the DUP’s interest for the walls to come down – they don’t want Romanists moving into their crumbling fiefs. The Girdwood barracks site will be a litmus test of their intentions. I can’t see Doddsy wearing any housing détente given the electral demographics but maybe I’m too long in tooth – then again I never forsaw Paisley becoming a man of peace.

  • Rory

    I am not so sure how local agreement to tearing down walls may best be achieved and I should have to defer to someone who is sure how best property redevelopment might be achieved under the new social quietus engineered by the First Minister.

    Perhaps the First Minister can assist by recommending a competent, altruistic property developer whose first interest is always that of the community which he would seek to serve.

  • percy

    right joeCanuck,

    I try also to look at this problem in terms of “distance travelled”, and “distance needed to be travelled”,in order for the walls to come down.

    If we could all agree on Distance (D), which really is fixed, and not a variable ; and get on with travelling along that road, at a reasonable Speed (S) we can use the simple formula:

    Time (T) = (D)/(S)

    So any increase in the speed we went would shorten the time needed to complete the journey.

    Hang on tya hats 😉

  • “It’s probably going to take a generation, unfortunately.”

    Joe, 2016 will be along any minute, in a manner of speaking, so perhaps we should proceed with caution.

  • sms

    these walls still exist because they give people some peace of mind,but a start has to made some where.would it be feasible to demolish some of the Berlin wall type structures and replace them with see through fencing in the short term to build up confidence?.If people see one another going about their every day business maybe the fear would subside over time and the fences could come down.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Actually I found Bloomberg’s comments ridiculous. New York, and indeed the United States, is full of walled/gated communities. Typical of Americans who tell other people how to run their countries without sorting their own out first.

    joecanuck, you’re right about the mauer im kopf effect. However I think we’ve proven over the last few years that we can move things along much more quickly than people think is possible. I would say that the majority of interface trouble that happens now is caused, not through the orchestration of paramilitaries (although that still happens, such as at Ardoyne shops) but by wee bored spides throwing stones. The walls can only come down when, one way or another, that problem gets sorted.

  • 0b101010

    Pull them down. They do nothing.