Un-Enlightenment – redux

BBC NI’s Will Crawley is having somewhat of a Creation Weekend [to atone for past sins? – Ed]. On Sunday Sequence, 9am Radio Ulster, he will be discussing this “dramatic serialisation” of the Book of Genesis.. and before that he’s visiting the Waterfront Hall where the founder of Answers in Genesis USA, Ken Ham – previously mentioned here – is hosting an 2-day event. Do tell us if you spot any NI Executive Ministers there, Will. Some of us like to keep an eye on what they’re up to with the Giants Causeway.. What with The Un-Enlightenment already being promoted elsewhere.. Adds pauljames, in the comment zone, points to this additional piece of information – “Also, please remember all the speakers in your prayers–particularly as Ken will be meeting with members of the Northern Ireland Assembly Government. He will also be doing interviews with the BBC.”