Hearts and Minds: reflecting on a year of devolution…

Hearts and Minds will be talking to Professor Joe Lee looking at the progress of the local institutions a year after devolution arrived in what looks like a more durable form than previously. The Nolan Show started on a similar theme this morning, with good contributions from John Simpson, Bill Jeffries and Goretti Horgan (though it seemed to go slightly belly up after my own short piece). Also tonight, the NYC Comptroller seems to think MacBride principles won’t be needed for new start companies here because of the Fair employment legislation is already in place, but it will still hold to for current US companies.

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  • Pete Baker

    Hmm, the distinction the NYC Comptroller, William Thompson, makes between the companies they [NYC Pensions] have stock in [which will continue to hold to the McBride principles] and projects selected by the Emerald Fund [which will rely instead on the existing legislation here] is not one he made when commenting on that issue previously

    “I think that they understand that we are still committed to the MacBride Principles and I think that they’ll make that clear to anybody they’re going to do business with.”

  • Dewi

    We, the people…eh Mick – Solidarnosc rules. Good points though – inertia endemic – can’t think of an easy solution though.

  • Jo

    I think we should all reflect on 1 year on and be glad that those given disproportinate representation on the BBC (but only locally) are not reflected in electoral international politics.

    I am glad to have played my part in ensuring that Northern Ireland is a place which attracts international interest, from a financial point of view, and that those who have sought to attract attention to this part of the world purely as a centre of political terrorism, have been finally, politically, ANNIHILATED.

    I appreciate those who have previously attacked or supported me on Slugger who have expressed their opinions. It has not been easy either in political or personal terms.

  • Jo

    sorry, insert, ty

    those given disproportionate representation on the BBC (but only locally) attacking this settlement

  • DC

    Thought you were a bit soft Mick, given the fact that there was an executive formed back in 1999, ehm 9 years ago, each party then well furnished with Standing Orders, etc, and modes of function. Of course there is a case in point about whether the Assembly could make it now the rain had gone, even up till Nov 06 some UUP MLAs were really running down their constituency offices with the intent to close.

    But, the whole education debate should have been raised as a concern regarding the need to compromise or re-think in the light of serious fallout, most of it justified.

    Largely agree with what you say but just remember who did the messing around 10 years ago, who rallied the troops in the face of perceived dissatisfaction over the nature of the government linked to the new born agreement, which the DUP harassed hard swearing it would be stillborn.

    The DUP were the ones who failed to let Stormont settle, amongst other securocrat issues, nevertheless they as a party were very unhelpful in terms of procrastination and intransigence. We may not be able to vote them out as you say so although the DUP did a good job in seeing to it that for sustainable power-sharing it would have to be them.

    Nice to see Paisley calling Martin his friend, it will have an impact, but why did he have to wait so long to mellow…but one mammoth transformation since the classis fundamentalist/ethno-religious wind-up days:

  • Jo

    Ahem , did slugger ever shudder at the UUP alliance and encourage the current settlement?
    I seem to recall encouragement of the then settlement, which wasnt. we need to ask why?

  • percy

    I was recently thinking that Mick Fealty would be a more appropriate person to be on Hearts and Minds, alongside the other regulars.

    The cartoonist Knox is very good value.

  • Greenflag

    ‘The cartoonist Knox is very good value.’

    At this stage Knox should have plenty of material to keep him going until well past the next election 🙂

  • percy

    have you seen the latest “Folks on the Hill”; a new series of 10 episodes.
    Ian Paisley jnr was ravaged, it was priceless satire.
    Pity it doesn’t get flagged up on Sluggers 🙁

  • Mick Fealty


    I don’t understand the question, I’m afraid…

  • Jo

    Hmm, whatevr happened to the *other* Willie Thompson? 🙂

  • Greenflag

    ‘Pity it doesn’t get flagged up on Sluggers :(‘

    The consensus might be that slugger has enough of it’s ‘own’ real/unreal satire /invective/innuendo/ etc etc to be going on with 🙂 Mind you a picture paints a thousand words. Have to admit that Knox keeps me amused .

  • dodrade

    Anyone notice Newton Emerson is now writing for the Folks on the HILL? If it’s even half as funny as the Portadown News it will be a scream.