“We’re not in May, you know, we’re just into May.”

The quote is from Alex Maskey in last night’s Spotlight discussion on the devolution of policing and justice. He’s referencing those “very firm” British government commitments again. And the ‘unacceptability’ of it all to his party.. If, like Mark Carruthers, you’re still confused about target dates and deadlines here’s a recent post on where we’re at. The clip is unfortunately truncated but the parties’ various positions are made. See the iPlayer for the full programme.

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  • New Yorker

    How can there be any confidence in devolved P&J;until the provo murder of Paul Quinn and attendant matters are justly resolved?

    The more mutually beneficial matters Peter Robinson and Brian Cowen find, the more threats from British ministers become hollow. Plan B? It seems that Peter Robinson can work quite well with Dublin and the more he does so the more attractive a Plan B is. And that is also yet more reason for SF to be very nervous.

  • 6countyprod

    It was a joy to watch the Spotlight programme last night. Wilson was super and Maskey was sweating.

    With the UUP and SDLP trippng over themselves, and Maskey in a corner, it was easy to see who has the upper hand in Northern Irish politics today.

    Worth watching again.

  • Debbie

    I think this is only the beginning of SF’s troubles not only in the executive but with their support base…. Sammy’s arguments were reasonable. Alex’s argument was we want Policing and justice because we promised our supporters and we promised by May so give us….

    Doesn’t look like they are going to get it even if they are saying that they have a veto too. Sammy ought to have quoted Ruane. They can wriggle on a hook…..