No confidence?

An Irish News poll shows two-thirds of school principals do not have confidence in SF Education Minister, Catriona Ruane (with a significant split in opinions between sectors – 48.9% in the CCMS sector and 84.2% in the State sector). The lack of information was a significant concern across the sectors with around three quarters of all school principals strongly disagreeing with the statement that they had received enough information. Full story here (subs reqd)

ADDED: With the DUP about to re-shuffle their minsterial deck will SF take the opportunity to do the same?

  • DC


  • steve48

    Another example of the DUP failing to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland. After all didn’t they tell us that after St Andrews a Minister wouldn’t be able to take solo runs. They may have saved academic selection in principle but if you are the parent of a child in P5 principles don’t explain the next step nor how much it will cost.

  • Driftwood

    So farewell then Catriona..

    Shut the door on your way out.

    *Clearly* you were pathetic

    Now who is going to clear up the mess?

  • Lorraine

    i’m more surprised that sinn fein has allowed this to develop into a never-ending run of bad publicity. clearly the big lad made a strategic blunder in selecting catriona and unless she can pull a hell of a big rabbit out of the hat (which i doubt)she’s fucked, to put it politiely.
    good riddance…………..

  • Long time since I did statistics, and I don’t have the Irish News report, but a survey of 90 principals would give a margin of error of roughly 10%.

    To get a more accurate result, more principals (I’d say at least double the sample size) should have been surveyed. But in order to conduct the survey, the principals would have to have decided to make themselves available. It seems reasonable enough to assume that those less likely to disapprove of Ruane’s performance would have been less likely to make themselves available to participate in the survey.

    To use the responses to draw conclusions about a split between the state and the CCMS sector is especially dodgy.

    None of which is to suggest that Ruane is in fact doing a good job with this (she isn’t), but I don’t trust these figures.

  • PeaceandJustice

    Auf Wiedersehen. Time for the Cat to run back over the border and catch up on some tennis videos.