This doesn’t look like a u-turn to me!

The only detail I’ve seen on Gordon’s u-turn is provided by Guido. If this is the extent of the concessions, then the only actual losers that I can think of are students. Like me. Thanks Gordon.

  • Aw, diddums! My heart goes out to you.

    Good to know that the present generation of students, all on their McJobs, have sufficient time over and above their studies, to earn so much above the tax threshold to be hit so badly.

    I assume Shilliday puts himself among the “young single workers without children”, and is telling us he’s earning earning close to £18,000. After all, if he’s at the bottom end of that band, — and it must still be over £105 per week/£453 a month, over the full tax year — he’s still not paying enough tax to notice greatly. To be so badly hit, he must be at the top end, so he obviously has a very flexible course of study or a relative named Conway.

    As for the “detail”, it’s certainly not out in the wider public sphere yet. The trumpeted Guido Fawkes “scoop” is actually lifted from the Guardian photocopying a letter now in the Commons library. However, by one’s friends shall they know you.

    Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.