Undercover Diplomat – suing for plagiarism

A longer clip from The Undercover Diplomat. This time Powell’s recollections from slightly earlier in The Process™ in 2002, on hearing words he had written being spoken by Adams at an Ard Fheis. He’s also filmed recently joking with McGuinness about bugs and securocrats and the last part of the clip is on “when things started to go badly wrong” before John de Chastelain’s press conference in 2003.

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  • Prince Eoghan

    Early on there is the parroting of the line about the Stormont spy scandal. This nonsense was fed to Blair and affected policy. This so called spy ring story has Since that has been discredited. Just how much else is dodgy about the understated spin from Powell? Must say that the part with Adams had a cut’n’paste look about it. If not then Gerry does not come out of it well.

  • darth rumsfeld

    nauseating clip from book tie-in BBC docu-melodrama with the love in with Gerry and Marty showing just why Molyneaux was right to distrust the diplomats who go native. Unionists get about thirty seconds of his attention span- sort of like hapless Trimble did in real life then