Europe – you know you want to

Young Fine Gael have a history of…..interesting referendum campaign posters. Myself, I prefer the humble Devil’s adaptations.

  • Over here

    Any chance of linking the Fine Gael posters !!

  • Over here

    Ta just very busy here what with the markets looking like they are in melt down again at least it is Friday FTSE back below the 6000 mark it is like being on a trampoline

  • Crataegus

    Bloody hell are they for or secretly against?

  • RepublicanStones

    the post referendum party must be being held in the ‘George’ then is it?

  • pith

    Michael Shilliday,

    Devil’s Kitchen is a spaceman of the first order. Please.

  • sammaguire

    Ha! Ha! Well done to Young FG for having a sense of humour. Sad thing about Young FG is they’ll eventually morph into “old” FG…

  • Gregory

    I’ve a complaint going into OFCOM, that should have been posted to da slug after the watershed.

    I’m just glad that the Saturn V era was spared the kind of penile enlargement filth that the FG youngsters would have foisted upon it, they’re crazy young fools.