“a clash of dates..”

We knew that former US President Bill Clinton had decided that he had more pressing concerns, and that out-going Northern Ireland First Minister Ian Paisley would also be elsewhere on the day the US-Ireland Alliance are holding a symposium on the 1998 Agreement’s legacy – or rather memorialising the Agreement. Now the BBC reports that “Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has also pulled out because he is visiting the United States” while “former prime minister Tony Blair has a clash of dates involving a family birthday.”

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  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    It is a bit of a minor event – cant really expect Bill or Tony to show but the DUP’s tactical political position on this is pretty ridiculous – the good people of Ulster surely know that without Trimble’s good work on the GFA they would not be in office.

  • cut the bull

    They all probably came to realise that theres f**k all to celebrate

  • IJP

    In that case, I should confirm I will be in attendance!

    So Sammy‘s right, must be a “minor event”…!

  • DC

    The DUP need to stop lying to its electorate as it only causes frustration and annoyance, this is a blatant attempt at revisionism of the GFA, despite the fact that the Agreement still has clear legal and political consequences on political and social life, particulalry concerning governance system and structures.

    Stop bluffing, it just doesn’t add up to the truth no matter how hard that party spins it.

  • George

    What date are we talking about here – the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement or the anniversary of the Belfast Agreement?

  • Gregory

    “It is a bit of a minor event – cant really expect Bill or Tony to show ”

    Wasn’t Tony renting himself out to Stonewall? How minor was that, was it tea for a few grand or something.

    ‘Some Catholic’ – Tony Blair is now raising funds for homosexual group


    One had to pay 40K (in US money if anybody is still using it) to meet hi or something.

    This is not a NY Governor thing, as far as I know it was just tea, with libel and stuff, I don’t want Slugger to take a hit for anything more than tea, though tea is still pretty gay IMO.

    In Japan, it would be darn near the line,