Worth keeping an eye on

While the west lothian question remains unanswered, one of its towns, Armdale, is experimenting with a possible answer to underage on street drinking – raising the age of purchase in off licences to 21. The scheme has previously operated in Cleveland with significant success. Update I have been told that in Irvinestown the DPP got the local off licences to adopt different coloured bags to make it easier for police to identify the source. Should off-licences be required to have identifiable bags?

  • gram

    Raising the off licence age to 21 is an excellent idea to reduce underage drinking without punishing responsible drinkers.

    The govt and tory proposals of adding a few pence here and there are a joke.

  • realist

    This is a complete and utter joke, why should sensible drinkers be punished due to the wrecklessness of others.

    We’re living in a nanny state as it is.


    The town in question is Armadale, not Armdale.

    (I was born in the neighbouring town, Whitburn)