Two conversations come along at once

The tri-partite consultation on the future constitutional arrangements for Scotland has commenced (funded by the Scottish Parliament and UK government). This will be competing with the SNP Minority Government’s national conversation. The latest consultation will examine the thorny and complex issue of the UK funding arrangements – the infamous Barnett formula. Nick Robinson seems to think Barnett is on its way out. Maybe the Northern Ireland Executive should be thinking of making a submission and we could learn something from our Canadian cousins attempts to wrestle with similar issues.

  • Tony

    Wee Eck will make mincemeat of the the neolabour incompetents and their inept spin. Scotland will be on its own track in less than 5 years. Roll on Alba and goodbye Engerland(Thatcher,Major,Blair, Cameron, Big Brother, Bitter, Pete Doherty, Ant and Dec, Richard and Judy, The Sun, cash for peerages, lost data, skint banks). I could go on.

  • Good luck to Scotland I hope it happens (independence). The bigger question for the Irish is the fate of the 6 counties. Increasingly, the English and Welsh and the Scots want to plow their own furrow, most British people see the place not even part of the “country”. I know the loyalists love the island across the water (insular, parochial crap like the mainland, look at a map, Britain is an island off MAINLAND Europe), but there is very little reciprocal love. Have the loyalist people of the six counties given any thought to the day when mother England will turn off the tap to one of their last colonies? If the Scots leave the UK, will it be loyalty to Scotland? Or to England and Wales? Independence? (not a chance because it’s a dependent, colonial, basket case non-wealth generating economy) Maybe the cousins in Canada will take you on? Anything is preferable to that alien, priest ridden, Saturn-like, Fenian, IRA loving place, 60 miles down the road from Belfast. Dire poverty and Britishness would be preferable that to be tainted or associated with that diseased ridden, clerical state.

  • Jesus. They’re all out this afternoon.

  • Dec

    What’s this ‘Canadian cousins’ malarkey?

  • Dec

    On a side note, I actually do have Canadian cousins. In Montreal. They want Scottish Independance too, probably.

  • Steve

    As a “Canadian cousin”

    I can tell you that if we take you on you will have to give up all that sectarian crap because religion does not figure into any decisions made by our government. THANK GOD

  • A Taig

    And if WE take you on you better get to like the IRA and priests.

  • fair_deal

    When our nationalist contributors feel like actually getting to the issues of the thread let the rest of us know. Or of you have no interest in the topic please do not feel an obligation to comment and turn another thread into pointless mantra repetition. Hint for you if it didn;t work the other 100 times 101 will not be a charm. Much obliged.


    From our past exchanges I sincerely doubt you are as ignorant as your question portrays hence I’ll put it down as trolling.


    “And if WE take you on you better get to like the IRA and priests.”


  • “When our nationalist contributors feel like actually getting to the issues of the thread let the rest of us know.”

    Blah blah blah

    unionists are soooo stupid

    blah blah blah

    unionists are soooo bigotted

    blah blah blah

    unionists don’t know what they are

    blah blah blah

    unioists love England

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    we’re getting a united Ireland and youse had better get used to it

    blah blah blah

  • Dec


    Maybe I’m missing something, and I realise you take an interest in Canadian affairs, but it was a genuine question (albeit irrelevant). I doubt you’d use the epithet ‘cousins’ when discussing the French/Italians (imo)?

    When our nationalist contributors feel like actually getting to the issues of the thread let the rest of us know

    Personally, i’m of the view they’re sock-puppets, but at least they keep Chekov amused.

  • Dewi

    I’d love someone to explain the Barnett formula to me…..or perhaps not.

  • Prince Eoghan

    It’s funny how those Unionist parties (Lib-Dem, Tory and Labour) run from London, say they will discuss anything BAR independence. Just what are they afraid of I wonder? Pretty much everything these parties have done over the last 15 years is to head the SNP off at the pass. This attempt to destabilise the national conversation on independence is I’m afraid yet another delaying tactic. It only leads to frustration, and now business leaders, indeed Scotland’s richest man Tam hunter included has called for a decision now from the parties. meaning a referendum, yet this is not on the Unionist parties agenda, bizzare!

    In a way I hope this review(embarrassingly downgraded by Broon from a commission) by the Unionist powers hands back powers and money(barnett) from Holyrood. This would guarantee at the very least a permanent SNP government. However with this clown as our secret weapon;

    Surely independence is near!