Former IRA commander joins Fermanagh DPP

A former commander of the IRA in the Maze, Sean Lynch, who was captured by the SAS in 1986 whilst trying to blow up members of the security forces on the Donagh to Rosslea Road is about to join the Fermanagh District Policing Partnership.

This has been roundly condemned by Fermanagh UUP MLA Tom Elliott who has demanded to know whether or not Lynch is still in the IRA. DUP MLA Arlene Foster has said “it is a difficult decision for me personally but criticism from the UUP on this matter stinks of hypocrisy.”

Mr. Lynch states that he has “as much right as any other citizen” to join the DPP though he does seem to admit to a certain element of surprise at this turn of events “But then there are many twists and turns that nobody, including myself, thought they would see”.

Chairman of the local DPP, Fermanagh DUP councilor Bert Johnston, admitted to certain grievances but said that he would work with Mr. Lynch and that Sinn Fein “has moved on a bit.”