Embryo Research Bill

The Embryo Research Bill at Westminister has been extremely controversial. It may allow the creation of “hybrid human animal” embryos. Here is a link to a number of Q+A’s on the subject. The bill has been heavily supported by the Association of Medical Research Charities. There has also been very significant dissent spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Church. It now seems that Labour MPs will be offered a free vote on the controversial parts of the bill.Proponents of this research suggest that it has the potential to offer help in a number of diseases. Currently trials of therapeutic cloning are being performed in animal models of Parkinson’s Disease. Purely as a point of information it is worth noting that currently the use of stem cells in medical treatment uses only the people’s own stem cells. Any therapeutic use of these controversial techniques apart from the use of “Saviour Siblings” appears to be some way off.

It is also interesting that Dr. Paisley has asked for assurances that the Bill will not be used as a back door to liberalising abortion law in Northern Ireland.

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