Prof O’Neill’s latest words of wisdom

Almost as predictable as an IRA statement at this time of year is unionists arguing about what it means. Rusty Nail has helpfully provided a link to the text below along with lots of other links to assorted terrorist cheerleading ramblings and some other stuff. Here is another link to Professor O’Neill’s own comments.

Jim Allister has pointed out that the IRA still seems committed to a united Ireland and criticises those who try to imply otherwise. Sammy Wilson on the other hand found the IRA statement “defensive” and reports that SF are now trapped in a partitionist settlement.

To be honest Professor O’Neill’s statement does not really say very much which is of course itself interesting. Certainly no mention about any disbandment of the Army Council nor anything else of substance though of course absolutely no evidence of loss of commitment to the “cause” and, whilst there are words for imprisoned “volunteers” and the families of deceased “volunteers”; not a word of remorse for any victims of the said “volunteers”. No changes there then.