Hard pressed Education Minister Catriona Ruane has found time to get her officials to change her ministerial email address so it does not include the abbreviation ‘uk’ opting instead for ‘eu’. A SF spokesperson reacted angrily to press enquiries about the issue.

  • lamh dearg

    now, now FD, leave the poor girl alone.

    It’s not as though there are any pressing issues in her in tray at the moment and she has to do something to occupy her time.

    Surely liberating the ministerial email address is another brave stride towards a glorious 32 county heaven

  • Aint it truly amazing just how far some people will go to “be offended”.

    I’m not surprised her officials reacted angrily.
    Where exactly is the shock value in an Irish Republican minister preferring such a mail address? Whose lives are deeply affected or disturbed by this ‘catastrophe’?

    Maybe Jim Allister will table a (rare) question in The European Parliament about this ‘outrage’…?!

  • Butterknife

    I thought SF was against the Lisbon Treaty etc. Adopting the * she is now promoting it 😉

  • kensei

    I’m sure that took her so long to organise that it obliterated everything else. That email or phone call to the IT department requesting a change must have taken 6 weeks, at least.

  • It’s a good indication of how wilfully she’ll waste public money, even if this is only a tiny amount, and of where her priorities lie.

    It’s also simply wrong. The Assembly is not an EU institution and there is no need for it to have an EU domain, which is intended for organisations who do business across Europe.

    The website is a simple redirect to anyway ffs.

  • kensei


    It’s a good indication of how wilfully she’ll waste public money, even if this is only a tiny amount, and of where her priorities lie.

    Are we already paying an IT department? Amount of public money wasted = nil.

    I have no doubt if you used “” it would wind up in the same place due to the way email works.

    It says nothing other than her personal preference. Is this news?

  • Ahem

    And thus was Ireland’s freedom won.

  • well put Butterknife

  • pacman

    Why didn’t she opt for a .ie?

  • PeaceandJustice

    I can only assume that she knows she is not up to the job i.e. EU Education Underachievement

  • “Aint it truly amazing just how far some people will go to “be offended”.”

    Is anyone actually offended? No. More awed at the pettiness of the woman and her insistence on scoring petty political points whilst neglecting to do the job allotted to her.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Is this going to cause unionist anger/ bewilderment- dare I say elevate ‘unionist fears????’

    Alas, MOPEry seems to have reached new levels….

  • Rather pathetic gesture. Still, at least Ms Ruane can content herself that, thanks to the strange rules of this dispensation, she is safe. Any other similarly hopeless lightweight glove puppet would be spat out by the Commons or Dail within a week.

  • PeaceandJustice

    You have to face the facts Mr Donnelly, Ruane is not up to the job. In fact you could say she is on the road to ‘Ruane’!

  • Gregory

    Well that is nice, I’d prefer for her to get the sex offenders out of Ulster’s schools.

    Catriona Ruane is of a view, she really is, that the number of sex offenders in our schools, is not something she should take an interest in, that is her position.

    Since 2001, I’ve argued that the teacher unions would do themselves a favor by dumping the sex offenders, it is a bit silly talking about ‘false allegations’ if one is working next to a sex offender in the staffroom.

    Ruane doesn’t see that logic. I’m also surprised the sectarian anti-Catholic guidance from England is apparently coming to Northern Ireland, so we can see schools barring Poles, and indeed even Sikhs should that be on somebody’s tick-box.

    If a teacher is a whack-job, Ruane can be relied to support the crazy person. It stands to reason if DENI endorse Sikh bangle (kara) bans, as the bangles are obligatory, then it is a person ban.

    Ruane is indulging the rights of schools to be sectarian bigots against vulnerable groups.

    It stands to reason that Poles, Maltese, Lithuanians, will be targeted, which is the only reason schools in England wanted those powers.

    There is a resource crisis, the easiest way to dump the unwanted is to make it really uncomfortable for them, ‘leave your kids at home, work cheap, etc.’

    SF and the BNP have something in common, they really do, they’re not dumb, they’re doing it on purpose to plese the teachers.

  • Gregory

    “Maybe Jim Allister will table a (rare) question in The European Parliament about this ‘outrage’…?! ”

    He would never write to her directly.

    To be honest, I can kind of sympathize with that view. I’ve met her, I’m also moved to put her on my ‘don’t write directly’ list.

    I’m quite uncomfortable about her. I come to this with a UNCRC type of mindset, I understand the MEP in question has a more historic DUP kind of objection.

    Thus far, Ruane has been as bad as any of the Blairite people I’ve had to suffer in London.

    There is something self-humiliating, about having to deal with things, it’s an icky feeling. It is a surreal, orwellian type of procedure.

    There are definite probs.

    DENI for years have consistently mislead the media and public about child protection, they’ve been pervasively obfuscatory,

    they have concealed or misrepresented concerns from international agencies and experts.

    It is often ‘no-brainer’ stuff, for example filiming kids in showers etc. secretly or otherwise,

    The FBI view was that DENI should put a stop to it because the amount of child pornography is (at one level) related to the amount of secret filming.

    Nobody accused anybody in NI of being a pervert. The Americans just wanted (some) teachers to curb what in the US would be viewed as something which was quite unhelpul

    It was simply put that DENI tolerated potentially eccentric behavior, privacy violations, some of the stuff, if left in cupboards, (as it invariably was), could end up USED AS child pornography

    DENI thought the FBI and US experts were talking out their yank backsides.

    Stuff like that, DENI, basically have a mission not to moderate teachers, no matter how bizarre the behavior,

    therefore the FBI, UN, and evreybody else are wrong, foreign and far away.

    Ruane seems to be followig in that trend of parochialism.

  • Suchard

    What Email address did she use in Columbia?

  • Gregory

    I have to concede the FARC treatment of female captives is concubinage.

    Catriona is doing exactly what Jim Gamble wants her to do. THat isn’t even ironic these days.