O’Sullivan quits

Eddie O’Sullivan has quit from the job of Ireland coach following a disappointing Rugby World Cup and 6 Nations. Rumours were rife that O’Sullivan would be leaving after last weekend’s defeat by England. The last straw for the Lansdowne Road blazers may have been Ireland’s home defeat by a Grand Slam winning Welsh team, coached by Warren Gatland who O’Sullivan replaced in 2001 “to take Ireland to the next level”. The search now starts for a new Ireland coach…

  • Finally.

    Eddie got his team peaking too early. He was adventurous in his selection and stuck by his praetorians. Ultimately this cost him.

    He didn’t create a squad that competed for places.

    Unfortunate. But a challenge awaits the next contender.

  • Sorry – meant to say he was not adventurous.

  • Alas, inevitable.

    Ignited‘s points are valid. We have to accept that the pool of talent in Irish Rugby needs to be expanded. Last season’s success flattered to deceive. One or two of the old heroes kept their places a season too long.

    The Welsh turn-around in such a short time-span shows what is possible. It isn’t all Gatland’s achievement, though.

    Onward and upward to ’09!

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    “It isn’t all Gatland’s achievement, though.”

    This was an Ospreys team by and large who have recruited and improved steadily this year as a club/region and are used to playing together.

    Obviously its always conjecture into what makes a team win if we dont just put it down to the players but Lyn Jones may well be a larger contributor to this success than either of the 2 new coaches.

    re.EOS. The boy appeared to have done good ( and better than Gatland ) for a long while but really seems to have let things go stale.

    Hope they dont feck up Munster by taking Delcan Kidney – not till a 2nd or 3rd win of the Heineken cup anyway.

  • lafcadio

    more like, hope they don’t feck up Ireland by taking on Declan Kidney.. Not sure that Ireland want someone who tends to promote a staid and conservative gameplan, and has limited history of developing young players (we’ve just had one of those for the last 6 and a half years..)

    I can’t see it – he peeved a few too many people with the Dragons-Leinster-Munster affair

    Ireland need freshness, new ideas, and someone not in hock to the amateurs at the top. Interesting that Pat Howard was quoted 2-1 favourite this morning apparently.. Wayne Smith, Jake White, John Mitchell, I even heard Nick Mallett who would be excellent – any of the above would do for me

  • Greenflag

    Thanks Eddie for 3 Triple Crowns in the last 7 years . He went as he came a gentleman and did’nt have to be pushed ! 7 years is long enough anyway managing any international rugby team.

    Expectations have risen sharply these past few years . We now expect to win the Rugby World Cup , Triple Crown , Grand Slam and championship and dole out hidings to the Aussies and Al Blacks ?

    Perhaps we need to calm down and remember the times when a good result could mean anything from a 10 point loss to a 3 point win and a draw was considered a moral victory :)?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    “staid and conservative gameplan”

    But not this year.

    He previously played to his strengths i.e. up front as the backs were simply not good enough.

  • Dewi

    “We now expect to win the Rugby World Cup , Triple Crown , Grand Slam and championship”

    Sorry if I chuckle – just can’t help it!

  • “He went as he came a gentleman and did’nt have to be pushed !”

    Not sure I’d go that far. His wait and see attitude after the England game was reminiscent of the nickname he’s been getting lately – “Comical Eddie”. If he was truly walking when he knew the game was up he would have answered Sinead Kissane’s question after the Argentina game in the affirmative.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    feck off – dont intrude in private grief

  • Dewi

    Sorry Sammy – looking forward to Europe – if u keep on doubling or quits we’ll have a serious Western Europe credit crunch on our hands……