Jonathan Powell claims yes the DUP did have a back channel to Sinn Fein (allegedly a journalist) but the DUP say no they did not, absolutely not. Powell also claims that McGuinness considers the Bloody Sunday Inquiry was unnecessary with an apology sufficient, it would have certainly been more cost-effective. Meanwhile on the trivia side Blair was spitting feathers that Ahern had a better gift for the Paisleys wedding anniversary than they had.

  • kensei

    The DUP’s pants are clearly on fire.

    On the Bloody Sunday inquiry, I’m not sure. An apology implies an acceptance of guilt, which I’m sure is what MMG means, but I’m not sure the British would have come out with anything as clear cut as that. The thorough nature of the inquiry will hopefully be the best outcome for the families involved though.

  • DC

    Well that goes to show that you really cant trust the DUP.

  • darth rumsfeld

    given where they are now, if they didn’t have a back channel they were even more incompetent than it appears. And we see clearly how both governments recognise the need to butter up the ould croc as the weakest link. Question is- and one we’ll not be allowed to know the answer to for a long long time- who was the DUP point man, and how much did he freelance?

  • steve48

    We can rule out the 12 apostles which narrows the field somewhat.

    I think by that stage the show was really being run by Robinson with a nod in the direction of Paisley. So I would look close to Robinson if not actually him (wouldn’t rule it out)

  • Alex Swan

    Oh dear, looks like the DUPes have been lying all along, is it habit forming?

  • DC

    A source tells me it might have been Gregory Campbell doing the backdoor work…if it was, what about that then. Mr Tough nay Mr Bluff his electorate.

    All these tough nuts on camera yet behind the scenes cutting deals at the expense of honesty to the electorate!

  • Drumcairn

    Did anyone here Portacabin Billy Armstrong on today calling on Powell to name the DUP members.Did the Bold Billy talk about the “north of ireland”