DUP deal on 42 day detention?

Our Kingdom has a thoughtful piece on the historical evidence of Westminster deals, that the DUP appears to be banking on breaking. Also interesting analysis on why the DUP, on their own terms, don’t need to do it:

If (Peter) Robinson is to be believed, there is little reason for such a fateful deal, because his party already has an effective veto over devolution(of policing and justice)

  • DC

    If the DUP were to accept P&J;powers would that not mean that they could rule out any proposed amnesty to outstanding OTRs, or will that remain under consideration by HM Gov et al?

    Just a thought. Surely better to be have than to want from others?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Since that amnesty would have to apply throughout the UK, I’d expect that this matter wouldn’t be devolved.

  • DC

    Its probable that some OTRs are in the UK and indeed Ireland already but it’s likely to ensure legal reside in Northern Ireland essentially.

    Interesting thoughts anyway, thanks.