Canning bailed on £10,000 cash surety

An Irish News report today [subs req] provides an interesting update to the charges against Marvin Canning. A brother-in-law of the deputy First Minister, Mr Canning faces seven charges in connection with an abduction and assault in Mullingar, Co Westmeath, last April – including false imprisonment, kidnapping and grevious bodily harm with intent. According to today’s report, the Crown lawyer, Douglas Edmondson, told the court that “police described the death of 53-year-old Michael [Gerard?] Hampson, also from Derry, as suspicious. He was naked when discovered, the court heard.” Hampson was wanted for questioning about the abduction/assault when he went missing in December last year and, when his body was found, police declined to say if foul play was suspected.From the Irish News report. [subs req]

Mr Edmondson had also argued there was a risk of witness interference and alleged that three men claiming to be from the IRA had warned an associate of Mr Cranston that he was to drop the case.

The report also notes that, despite previously being refused bail

During the couple’s ordeal demands were made for Euro170,000 (£131,00), it was claimed. But defence counsel Joe Brolly said the strength of evidence against Mr Canning was questionable.

The judge said that as well as the [cash] £10,000 surety requirement, Mr Canning was to stay at an address in Middlesex and have no contact with his co-accused or the victims. He was also ordered to surrender his Irish passport and banned from applying for a British one.

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  • Steve

    I am impressed Pete, you waited till the second sentence to present the least important fact in the case.

    You are doing much better

  • Pete Baker

    Same response as before, Steve

    Those relationships would be note-worthy in any other polity.. I see no reason why they shouldn’t be note-worthy here.

  • perci

    ok peteb, but how do you select what you blog from the numerous stories out there?
    What’s your criteria?
    Is it ever mood-dependent? What’s the agenda?

  • wild turkey

    ‘What’s the agenda? ‘ FFS

    Well, let us put it this way. If a wild brother of Bill Clinton, and hence Ms Hillary Rodman Clintons brother in-law, was up on similar charges in the USA, it would be major above the fold news in the print and electronic media. The bloggers would be having a field day. Indeed, the Hillary campaign might find itself in a serious shitstorm.

    Get the picture now? Probably not. I keep forgetting that different sensitivties and sensiblities apply in the process.


  • Belfast Gonzo

    There’s another story about an even closer McGuinness relative in the news this week, if anyone’s interested.

    His son, Fiachra – or more accurately, details of his son’s car model and registration – appears to have been of much interest to James Edward Taylor, a Waterside loyalist jailed for 10 years on Thursday.

    According to the court report in a local paper, on September 29, 2004, as the murder of Darren Thompson was happening nearby, police raided Taylor’s home.

    “Hidden in an upstairs safe, cops uncovered two pipe bombs, a Colt self-loading revolver, seven .45 bullets and six .38 fired shell casings and during a further search of the garden shed, army personnel found three improvised incendiary bombs and five blast bombs.

    As well as the bombs and gun, officers also found a piece of paper with a car model and registration number noted on it. It later transpired the car belonged to Fiachra McGuinness, son of Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness.

    Mr Justice Deeny revealed the searches also uncovered a number of other items including lengths of copper and steel piping, fireworks, balaclavas, a number of mobile phones and latex gloves.”

  • Harry Flashman

    On the subject of McGuinness’ relatives, have you ever seen his daughters? Wow, absolute stunnas.

  • Steve

    Wild turkey

    so american tabloids are your leader?

    if it involved Marty then his name should appear as a major fact in the case but because he isnt involved it isnt not a prima facia fact in the case

    While it does merit mention, it does nor merit status as a prime factor in the case

    its nothing but a low level smear by some one who cant find facts so deals in inuendo

  • wild turkey

    actually steve from time to time i do check out some american papers; New York Times, Wash Post, Boston Globe, Christain Scienc Monitor…the usual east coast white trash rags. Maybe I should move up to APRN and Andystown News for more objective reporting and in-depth analysis?

    ‘While it does merit mention, it does nor merit status as a prime factor in the case ‘ agreed…

    …but it is the undercurrent of relationships that heightens the prime INTEREST in the story

  • jadedobserver

    Oh, that bad Pete Baker and his anti-republican agenda. You know, if you went around seeing agendas in people and readily taking offense, psychiatrists might think there’s something wrong with you. NI politics make people go strange.

  • joeCanuck

    Oh, that bad Pete Baker and his anti-republican agenda

    You haven’t been paying attention to all the threads, jaded. He’s actually a closet republican.

  • Gum

    Well done Pete! You squeezed out yet another opportunity to let us know that the man who married the sister of the now Deputy First Minister is in a spot of bother.

    I actually managed to miss this particular important development, would you believe. Thanks for keeping us all updated on what is clearly the most important case of the year.