“Hillary’s hyperbole has not served her well…”

The US public may be getting exhausted with it; and two it’s getting incredibly destructive. In the case of the Democrats, (the only party still with a stand up fight going). Not sure how much the NI question of recent days are making but it rumbles on. Hearts and Minds discover (over half way through) that she did have meetings at the City Hall, but as Conor O’Clery points out, “this hyperbole has not served her well” Toby Harnden has the PBS link (5 minutes in), where she claims she was ‘instrumental’.

Update: Mamam has a sound grab from Bill’s defence of his beleaguered missus…For me, the crux lies in this part:

“There is no doubt that I played a major role in many of the foreign policy decisions, I represented our government in more than 80 countries. I know that people are nit-picking, and this is a campaign and that’s fair, but compare my experience to Senator Obama’s and I think my experience is much more preparatory for the job that awaits”.

In truth, Hillary’s role was that of a public diplomat. Undoubtedly that was grist to the mill in her entry to the Senate. But, however she spins it, it was not executive experience. I doubt she plans to recant by St Patricks Day, but it may well disappear after Monday!