“The Price of Peace” – part 2

A quick reminder that part 2 of John Ware’s series “The Price of Peace” is about to air on Radio 4 starting at 1.30pm – “Dealing with the Big Man.” It’ll be repeated on Thursday at 8pm and direct link to the audio now available online. Adds Interesting comment from US Envoy Mitchell Reiss – “Plan B, I think, was more smoke and mirrors than it was reality.” [approx 24 mins in] But there’s much more detail on the US involvement in The Process™ in the previously noted analysis. Update Whilst Ware claimed there was lack of conditionality in the DUP’s position before joining the current Executive, a series of interviews by Frank Millar in early 2006 provide evidence of just such conditionality. Here’s Mitchell Reiss in June 2006 – he mentions Plan B as well

“I will say that I’ve been encouraged by the objective criteria they have set out for joining a government with Sinn Féin. The two issues Peter Robinson articulated when he visited the US in April were a commitment to supporting the police and an ending of IRA criminality. I think those are completely reasonable for the DUP to stake out – and again, if they should be met, then I can’t see any reason why the DUP wouldn’t be willing to stand up in Stormont immediately.”