Ruane’s guide to winning friends and influencing people

The three largest Protestant denominations have expressed their “deep disquiet” over their exclusion from the Area Planning boards established by the Department of Education. The Minister, Catriona Ruane, has blamed a “breakdown in communication”.

  • The__Raven

    This was a slip up. Nothing more. But what a slip-up. Full-force, face-first. Reminds me of one of those little dogs that runs across a floor covered in linoleum, only to find that speed is working against it and there’s a cupboard door to run into.

    It’s things like this that really show up the lack of political nouse there is in this country.

  • Ranger1640

    It shows that Ruane and her Sinn Fein colleagues are putting their bigotry and own political dogma before the educating of our children.

  • The hind tit

    Oh, if only this were true. I had the misfortune to be educated by twisted religious b….s and it took me many years subsequently to realise that members of other religions were not misinformed heathens damned for hell and not to be associated with.

    Please Caitriona, consider it. No priests, no pastors, no ministers. Let our people grow up together in a healthy social and godless society.

  • Twinbrook

    we need total separation between church and state..

    integrated education and no religion in OUR schools..

  • harry

    plus we need a separation of the GAA and the teacher appointment system.

    teachers should be appointed on their ability to teach rather than solely on their ability to kick a ball for a county team.

  • Turgon

    Not trying to be difficult or controversial but what do you mean by the above? I can see that knowing something about GAA would be important to being a PE teacher but are you saying that catholic schools appoint other teachers on the basis of ability at Gaelic games?

  • harry

    what i am refering to Turgon, is the trend within the catholic sector to employ teachers who have/had a career as a gaelic football players.

    yes, some are employed as PE teachers, but just as often it will be in another subject area.

    i am not saying that these people are not qualified teachers, but rather if two candidates were exactly matched in the academic qualification they had, it would be the GAA player that would get the job.

    for many catholic schools, success on the pitch at GAA trumps academic performance. to be able to employ a county player could help that schools performance. this ability is more important than their ability to teach religion, history etc.

    however the strong perference given to gaa in the appointment process is only half the story.

    it is rife with nepotism.

    look at the teaching jobs in the irish news and i could guarntee you, that those jobs are already filled, and the advert is for a legal facade only.

    one case that i know, a young female teacher graduating from st mary’s, was able to boast to her friends that she had secured a job in school X.

    the job was advertised a week later, and sure enough, the young girl got it.

    a further example was the teacher whose rejection letter for a job was postmarked 2 hours before she sat her interview.

    when she challenged the chair of the governors who was also the parish priest, she was informed that she could keep quiet about it… and get the next job in the area, or she could go the legal route and that he would guarntee she would never work in the CCMS sector again.

    Turgon, it is laughable to think that the SDLP and SF critcise the stranglehold the Orange Order had over jobs in the past, when the catholic school appointment system is a den of nepotism.

    futher more, turgon, why dont you give the CCMS HQ a ring.. ask them how many foreign nationals they are employing as teachers.

    yes they are good for floor cleaning, but not teaching, thats despite often their much better qualifications than wee sinead the ladies GAA player.

    so despite Bishop McAreavy’s platitudes about caring, respecting and catering for the new immgrant’s children.. their parents are not good enough to teach the irish ones.

    miss ruane could do well to fix that those little problems before tinkering with a system she quite clearly knows nothing about.

  • Harry, I recall a conversation from Corrymeela sometime probably in the 1980s. There was a gathering of student teachers. One claimed that students from St Marys would get priority over students from other colleges when it came to appointments in the CCMS sector. This would seem to fit with your account.

  • aquifer

    Lets hope that the ‘breakdown in communication’ was the republican minister of state chosing not to talk to any church about free public education for children and young people.