“he indicated that was a matter to be dealt with..”

RTÉ’s Tommie Gorman interviewed the probable next leader of the DUP, Peter Robinson, on This Week – you can listen to the interview here and there’s a short online report here which notes his comments on devolving policing and justice powers as well as the continuing existence of the Provisional IRA army council.

Mr Robinson also said he hoped to see devolution of policing and justice in Northern Ireland soon. However he said it would be unhelpful if it was to happen tomorrow, and he would first look to see a high measure of stability being achieved. Mr Robinson said the IRA Army Council should dissolve itself as quickly as possible, and the DUP would look to see if the Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams gives leadership on the issue to make it happen.

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  • John O’Connell

    Robinson might get more than he bargains for on the going of Paisley.

    With Paisley gone there will be enormous pressure on the press to raise the past scandal that he, Paisley, has been part of, i.e. David Ervine’s wallpaper remarks. Republicans may feel that the pressure is then off them to maintain Gerry Adams as a similar god-like figure, and they may begin to release information that takes away from his divine image. Paisley and Adams feed off each other. Paisley going will enable their enemies to attack both theses demagogues and this may mean that Adams has to go too.

    My prediction was that they would both go in disgrace and in turmoil.

  • joeCanuck

    Have we had confirmation that the arms brought in by Peter’s buddies have been decommissioned?


    It appears that Robinson will make disbanding of the IRA Army Council his NO.1 priority and no doubt Sinn Fein will bow to this as they have capitulated to EVERY other Unionist demand. While the UVF & UDA remain armed to the teeth, Ulster Resistance guns remain hidden and Britain’s Intelligence Agencies dig themselves in further in the North the Republican Movement submissively accepts blame and guilt for the ENTIRE conflict. It is SO embarrassing and humiliating to watch as their meek reaction to the Mairead Farrell/Gibraltar 3 furore showed. Stormont and most other Government Buildings are awash with Unionist & British symbols with NO recognition of ANY Irish identity yet Republicans are happy to be forced into a wee side room. Alabama how are ye? It’s NOT a Peace Process, it’s an embarrassing one way Republican surrender agenda. Brendan Hughes might have died in a wee Divis Tower flat but he went to his grave uncompromised and full of regret and sadness that it WAS all a big fraud and waste. Most of us WANT an agreed solution but it is so cringeing to see Sinn Fein’s poodle like behaviour. For goodness sake will you stand up and start representing the people who voted for you.

  • willowfield

    Wise up and get a life.