Gerry McHugh to form new party?

Former SF MLA for Fermanagh / South Tyrone: Gerry McHugh, has opened a new office in Enniskillen with support from a number of others (see Impartial report). McHugh is reported as saying he has been in discussions with Pat McNamee and Jim McAllister. He says he has been “linking up with [other] groups to pool ideas to create a joint approach to the main political issues both locally and nationally and to further the Republican agenda in a political and peaceful way.”

Whilst I am sure this revelation will not cause panic in SF circles it is interesting that various former SF members are considering linking up and possibly forming a new party. The only other republican opposition has been from Republican Sinn Fein but since they have not fought elections their effect has been rather limited. Whether or not a new party will be formed and whether it will get anywhere remains to be seen.

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