“this partial-parliament in this little semi-statelet..”

Another day, another rippling quote from a Sinn Féin TD. This time, as noted in the Irish Times – “SF back to basics..” [subs req], it’s Louth TD, Arthur Morgan, and he’s not referring to the Assembly nor to Northern Ireland. From the Dáil record.

“Why would I expect any different from a Tánaiste and a Government over this partial Parliament in this little semi-statelet over which he is presiding?”

And, as the Irish Times also noted, Fianna Fáil TD, Martin Mansergh, provided the response.

Very crude criticisms were made of the Government’s economic policy by a party which does not have any coherent economic policy that I am aware of. I was shocked, although not surprised, to hear any Deputy refer to this as a partial parliament in a semi-statelet. I have always had great difficulty understanding so called republicans who do not recognise this Republic. It throws into context the party in question’s presenting itself as the champion of sovereignty and democracy when it is clear that the Deputy opposite does not recognise the sovereignty of either this State or its people. The European Union in the past 35 years has had much more respect for sovereignty and democracy in this country than the party opposite.