Southernising the SF leadership..

A short report from the BBC’s Hearts and Minds last night. Reporter Diarmaid Fleming, at the SF Ard Fheis, waited to hear what Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams had to say about his performance in last year’s Irish General election.. and waited.. and waited.. Interestingly, there are only SF representatives from the “little semi-statelet” speaking on camera.

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  • kensei

    The point made at the end by the Irish Times journalist that those in the South are less well known is partly a product of the strategy of pushing the Northern-based leadership strongly to this point. If they want to seriously reverse that, then they they have to push Southern representatives more ie exactly what they are trying.

    It might have a short term cost, but I think it will help in the long term.

  • you know

    I liked the BBC chappie claffing off Crowe’s primitive English, you know. I also note the Rathgar babe, Mary Lou, is putting on a you know accent as well. Lapdogs. O’Caolian would make a good FF county councillor if he ever cops himself on.
    The bottom line is Ireland does not want Bloody Friday/Shergar merchants to run them. We are not Germans.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    I’m not big in the Republic’s politics, but are the Shinners in the Republic as big into supporting terrorists and terrorism as the Shinners are up here?