News from Westminster…

IT won’t matter to most of us, but it’s interesting that Barrie Grunewald, a Labour Party aide to Secretary of State Shaun Woodward has been given a police caution for forging a prospective councillor’s signature. While probably no more than the ‘admin error’ he claims it was (and done with the candidate’s permission), it makes one wonder if all is well in Woodward’s camp, him being one of the favourites to bite the dust this year. Elsewhere, the LibDem spokesman on Northern Ireland, Alistair Carmichael, has quit the front bench in protest at his party leader’s instructions not to support a bid for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Ulsterman Michael Moore is his successor, and the DUP and UUP voted the same way as the LibDem rebel in support of the Tories defeated referendum proposal.

  • Gonzo, not all of our ‘multitasking’ MPs made it to the vote …

  • Bob Wilson

    Typical of our useless double jobbing insular MPs. A crucial vote for the UK attended by less than half the DUP MPs vote.
    Imagine is the Lib Dems had discovered some balls and voted with the Tories and the vote had been lost by 3 or 4 votes.
    Tory Whips will certainly have made a note of DUPs slackness. I note the Leader in Waiting hot footed it away from his DFP desk to vote

  • BonarLaw

    Poor show indeed. Time to force multi-mandate politicos to decide where they want to work.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Where were the SDLP? Particularly Eddie McGrady?

  • Michael, 5 of our 18 MPs took part in this vote – but I presume all of them claim expenses 😉