“The Price of Peace”

The first part of a three-part series by BBC journalist John Ware, “The Price of Price”, has just aired on Radio 4 – it’ll be repeated on Thursday at 8pm, should be available online, and is well worth listening to [it’s currently listed as Choice of the Day – direct link to RealPlayer file here]. “Dealing with Gerry” follows a similar analysis to Mary Alice Clancy’s Phd thesis noted previously in identifying the effectiveness of the stick wielded by US envoy Mitchell Reiss – and the part played by now-presidential candidate John McCain – in moving Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams, and The Process™, forward after 9 years of prevarication as well as covering other ground as Ware’s article indicates. Next week’s part 2 focuses on Ian Paisley Snr and the DUP.