Irish Blog Awards Live!

The Irish Blog Awards should be kicking off in a few moments (8.15 is the latest estimate). Sadly I won’t be there this year, though I hoped I would be. If you want to follow it life, La Nua Podcaster Conn is streaming it live at Edgecast, so you don’t miss a thing (service permitting). Looks like a full house…

  • – Best pop culture blog in Ireland for 2008: Rick O’Shea!

    – Best blog from a Journalist: Shane Hegarty for Present Tense (no brainer…)

  • Irish election got best political blog, hard luck Mick. I thought Slugger deserved it myself.

    Congratulations to Irish Election though

  • – Best Group Blog:

    – Best moment on irishelections: twittering the fall of michael o’dowell

    – Best Political Blog: Irish Election

    – Arts and Culture : the Sigla blog

    – Best Arts and Culture Blog: Sinead Gleeson

    – Best Irish Language goes to Conn (third time, I think)…

    – Best Technology Blog: Robin Blandford byte surgery

  • They played an absolute blinder in May Chris…

  • – Best news and current affairs blog: (a draw) joint winners The Limerick Blogger and Maman Poulet

    – Best Sport and Recreation Blog: Arse Blog

    – Best Designed blog: Sabrina Dent

    – Best Specialist blog: The Voyage

  • Best Newcomer:

    Best Music Blog: nialler9

    Best Business: Ciaran Murphy Ice Cream

    Not coming in order…

  • Special award to Simon McGarr…

  • That seems to have been for paperound and votetube… Feed is very poor… picking up feeds from twitter…

    Jett Loe (honorary Nordie) gets a special award too..

  • Best Blog Post: Fat Mammy Cat

    Best Photo Blog: GingerPixel

    Most humorous Post: Twenty Major

    Best Personal Blog: (A Draw) Headrambles, and Grannymar

    Best Blog: Twenty Major (twice in a row)

  • Mark McGregor

    That reminds me, I must get Twenty’s book. A deserving winner.

  • Damn! I say we set up our own alternative, not skewed in favour of freestaters 😉

  • Garibaldy

    It’s a wonder they include Northern blogs at all El Mat. Although surely there’s a joke in here about SDLP partitionism 🙂

  • Garibaldy

    Nothing for splintered sunrise by the way? If so, I think that’s a shame.

  • Mark McGregor

    El Mat,

    You could be in the running next year, well get my vote, if Pól continues with his current high level contributions on ElB. To be honest I barely read until he appeared. Plus it’s nice to see a journalist unashamedly admitting their SDLP bias.

  • Mick Fealty

    Now, now children… Twenty’s kept at it. And his new book (agreed about this time last year) got a memorable opening review line from the Irish Times this year:

    “The Order of the Phoenix Park, By Twenty Major, Hachette Books Ireland, 304pp. €9.99 The Order of the Phoenix Park by Twenty Major is the worst book I have ever finished.”

    And it finishes:

    “…either it includes you, or it doesn’t. It is, though, likely to include the twentysomething male sitting across from you on the bus home, who will be chuckling over Twenty’s violent nihilism, toilet truths and use of the word “c**t”. He and his mates are going to make this a bestseller.”

  • Mark McGregor


    Good call. Splintered would be my best newcomer – who’d have thunk the workings of the SWP could become as good as a daily soap. I’d also have had WellDoneFillet in my winners list.

  • Mick Fealty

    Truth is guys, you have to engage the audience and it seems that Northern Irish politics loses its ‘universal appeal’ somewhere about Dundalk.

  • Pete Baker

    “He and his mates are going to make this a bestseller.”

    And, if so, no more or less deservedly than others.

  • Mark McGregor

    Also an ‘gone but not forgotten’ award should be created for Belfast Peeler the first blog shut down by the RUC (and all but the last entry deleted). Something that got pretty limited coverage.

  • Garibaldy


    He has certainly made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear with that material. I think though that his choice of photos help really lift it.


    You’re absolutely right. And that Irish Times review is thoroughly spot on. Thanks for sharing it. Made me laugh.

  • Garibaldy


    That was nasty. If highly entertaining.

  • susan

    So’s long as you’re not bitter, Pete. That’s the main thing. :o)

    Truth is guys, you have to engage the audience and it seems that Northern Irish politics loses its ‘universal appeal’ somewhere about Dundalk.
    Posted by Mick Fealty on Mar 01, 2008 @ 10:39 PM

    Mick, if it’s any consolation. I was told last year that many of the winners have juicy avatars whirring around Second Life Dublin schmoozing up votes for each other. And you’ve got….you’ve got us, Mick. So it was “Sex and the City” versus “Fecks in the City,” and guess who won? Better luck next year!

  • Mick Fealty

    Nice one… 😉 I think we’ll need a bit more than luck susan… But hey, we’ve got a year… Maybe we just need to get out more… 😉

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Just out of interest how many unashamedly Norn Irish blogs have won awards, apart from this one?

    None this year. Can’t remember any from the first two years either(apart from this one the first year), though the drink might have something to do with that.

  • Mick Fealty

    Jett is Belfast based, but I guess his topics are more about being in Ireland than most. That said I’ve no argument with how the politics category went this time.

    Irish Election have been pretty quiet since last May/June, which is the most obvious reason I put Slugger ahead of them in my list of top 20 Irish pol blogs. But last May was a stunning effort and they thoroughly deserved the award.

    If we want to win awards in Dublin, we probably need to be saying something more than we currently do to Dublin audiences. To that extent partition is still pretty thick, even in the virtual world.

  • Buggerhed

    I expect the Young Unionists are gearing themselves up for a big prize

  • Belfast Gonzo


    I don’t begrudge Irish Election. Never heard of Jett Loe until tonight, but on a cursory glance his blog seems to have little to do with NI.

  • Mick Fealty

    Yep, looks like he’ decamped to Nashville… Looks like a retrospective award LTA started in Belfast. There’s even a Holywood (one ‘l’) special lurking in his archives. After that Granmar is NI, I think.

  • gaelgannaire


    “- Best Irish Language goes to Conn (third time, I think)… ”

    Kinda surprised here, given than Conn sponsered the award and wasnt nominated.

    My money was on Blag Shomhairle, disappointed for him now.

  • Mick Fealty

    I might have that wrong gg… I was subsisting off the sound on the live feed (too dark and indistinct for the pictures to work) and other people’s Twitter reports… We may have to wait for some official confirmation on that before

  • Moochin Photoman

    Firstly bad luck Mick et all for not winning Ho Hum
    Headphoneland won the best photoblog last year and Gavin is from here
    Jett Loe deserves a mention and an honourary award just for coining the phrase “The Troublings”
    Check out this which creased me up and the follow up was good too

  • Mick Fealty

    That’s not a bad haul then, all in all. Just people ‘doin’ it’ and not making a fuss.

  • Mick-

    “…seems that Northern Irish politics loses its ‘universal appeal’ somewhere about Dundalk.”

    True, but the same could be said of southern politics north of Dundalk- the fact is that both types are equally ‘Irish’. However, those blogs operating from a northern perspective are likely to be disadvantaged compared with their southern cousins- the fact that southerners aren’t interested in northern politics (or other affairs) shouldn’t matter as they are still as relevant, but unfortunately I’m guessing that it does factor into the equation.

    That said, the winners are certainly worthy of their respective accolades.

  • Mick

    El Mat,

    Fortnight this month is very good on this particular disjunture. Pete linked Malachi O’Doherty’s piece on this very subject.

    Setting aside the question of the blog awards (the last thing we need is being hung out for having an epidemic of ‘sour grapes’), given the circular nature of politics in Northern Ireland, and the dynamic character of the southern economy the huge gap in political sensibilities between parties with a common root (and similar bottom up political structures) like Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail that disjuncture is hardly surprising.

    We are two audiences facing (by and large) in opposite directions intent on watching different political codes.

  • won last night and they are from belfast, I’m from Belfast and won an award last year and was shortlisted this year and other years. Other northern blogs were also shortlisted. I may live in Dublin but Im still northern.

    I suppose these things can be subjective. We talked about this yesterday at the photomeet where one person interprets the criteria differently from someone else. Theres little you can do with that. In Mick’s best political blogs I felt there were glaring omissions, I think sometimes it is about what comes under your radar and rocks your boat.

  • gaelgannaire


    I am not sure but people are telling me I won the Irish language bit.

    Did I win anything, dont know, dont know anything about the whole things.

    BTW, I am pretty unpartitioned but I am an out and out Nordie and have been asked what part of Scotland I am from, maybe what I be blogging about is relevent both sides of the border or perhaps more likely what I be writting about is equally irrelevant both sides of the border and people just liked that banned picture (tG4 ad – sexy teacher) that I blogged two days before the event.

    Go rabh maith agam.

  • Mark McGregor


    Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog
    Blag Ghael gan Náire

  • oneill

    Other northern blogs were also shortlisted

    Not only that, but there were a couple of Unionist ones too.

  • I thought the award was best political blog, not best blog about southern or northern politics or indeed Irish politics, there is an enormous difference, is there not?

    Well done to all the winners and for me those who failed to take a prize, for in my eyes they are all winners, for they have all contributed to making the political space that bit larger and more democratic.

    Whilst the political blog winner was excellent during the period of the elections, blogging is also about stamina as anyone who blogs will know when they sit at the keyboard without a thought in their head 😉 so it would not have been my choice for best political blog, personally I cannot see how it can be.


    I thought this year the winners were not picked on a public vote?

  • IIRC Mick and myself have both contributed to Irish Election (even if only very occasionally), so perhaps that technically makes us part-winners 😉

  • Thanks Mark McGregor for setting the record straight. Yes – Gael gan Náire did win the Irish language award, but he/she wasn’t there. I was the sponsor, so I accepted in on Gael’s behalf.

    Gael Gan Náire is an entirely anonymous blog, and I have no idea who’s behind it. However, from what I can gather it would appear that the author is in the North, so it seems that in this case, at least, there is no border effect!

    Sorry the live stream quality was not up to scratch. It wasn’t officially arranged that such a service be provided, but I simply happened to have the equipment with me for another purpose. I figured I might as well give it a try!

    My real purpose on the night was the production of an audio podcast. This will be published in the next few days.

    Le gach dea ghuí,

  • Oops – hadn’t noticed the comment from Gael Gan Náire, when I left mine!

    Also, in addition to as mentioned above, Grannymar from Co. Antrim ( was joint winner of the Best Personal Blog.

    Full list: