Northern Ireland Newspeak

Newspeak was the official language of Oceania in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four. One of Oceania’s slogans was “War is Peace.”Currently there are a number of problems facing the Chuckle Coalition up on the hill. The devolution of policing and justice, demanded by SF, but rejected for the moment by Paisley and various other DUPers. The debacle of the Dromore by election and the apparent concern in some DUP circles about the chuckling added to the demise of Paisley junior and the mutterings about Paisley senior’s political if not actual survival all make the current situation rather more frosty. Some SF members may also be getting a bit annoyed; who knows?

What might help calm the situation, however, would be a good row between the DUP and SF. This might help settle everyone’s nerves and provide a good cathartic bigot before getting back to the serious business of sailing the Flying Dutchman.

I would be too much of a conspiracy theorist to suggest the DUP and SF might actually have had some degree of coordination in the row precipitated by McCann with her plan to celebrate the IRA “martyr” Farrell, McGuinness’s comments about killing British soldiers and the DUP reaction to both these events. However, Belfast Gonzo has already suggested that this could be the new collusion. To bring us back to the start of the blog: even if it is not as coordinated as that, it is true that a good verbal war might help to bring internal peace especially for the DUP. I suspect the SF leadership are clever enough to know that they are helping the DUP a great deal at the moment. The question is: What will they want in return? And will they get it?

  • Turgon, don’t know much about literature but I like this commentary on Orwell’s “Animal Farm”:

    “The novel’s final scene in which Napoleon and Pilkington argue about two aces of spades brilliantly represents the entire book: After years of oppression, struggle, rebellion, and reform, the pigs have become as corrupt and cruel as their masters. Smoking, drinking, whipping, killing, and even cheating are now qualities shared by both animal and man. Despite Pilkington’s professed admiration for Napoleon (and vice versa), neither trusts the other because neither can: Each is motivated purely by self-interest and not the altruistic yet ineffectual principles once expounded by old Major.”

  • Pete Baker

    I doubt that there is much level of co-ordination in the verbal war.

    The instability it suggests, externally, is not in either party’s interest.

    Much more likely is the opportunitistic seizing on a topic that plays well with their respective galleries – who are antsy.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    While I was only (half) joking about the ‘new collusion’, it’s interesting how this has been playing out;

    – Issue gets referred to the (DUP) Speaker

    – He refers it to the Assembly Commission for their Monday meeting, who defer a decision until tomorrow

    – Assembly Commission (which I think has a majority of unionists) is in Dublin tomorrow.

    The event is actually planned for March 7. Perhaps some bright spark can find out if that even gives the Commission an opportunity to make a decision before it’s due to take place!

  • McGrath

    Sadly, much to much normality which has distracted for the Ad Hoc bigotry.

  • McGrath

    sorry, for = from fizzzzzzzzzzzz

  • interested

    Above all else, the TUV and its supporters ability to conjure conspiracy theories from thin air really does impress me.

    What’s next on the list then?

  • TUV newspeak – “Jim Allister is really intelligent. He’s a lawyer, you know.”

  • darth rumsfeld

    DUP newspeak
    “two Paisleys good; four Paisleys better(?)”

  • CS Parnell

    For shinners

    “not a bullet, not an ounce” = have it all

    “cessation” = we lost

    “with ballot box in one hand and the armalite in the other we will lead you to the republic” = it turns out that bastard Goulding was probably right

    for the DUP

    “it was not a war” = it was dirtier than a war

    “sectarian terrorists” = Fenian sectarian terrorists

    “ordinary decent people of Ulster” = protestant bigots like us

    for everyone

    “this is a great wee place” = this is a shithole full of bigots and arseholes like us