Of cats, dogs and farmers

The subject of today’s rant / reasoned analysis (delete as applicable) is our canine friends and wives. Yesterday in spite of my protestations Elenwe and the boys sallied forth to Loughgall. There they acquired (with my hard earned cash) a dog.
Now we had dogs when I was a child. I am not fundamentally opposed to such creatures. I am, however, much more fond of cats (we have two); I thought I had converted Elenwe to cats but clearly I have failed.

I think the world can possibly be divided into four groups: dog people, non-animal people, people into odd animals (snakes and the like) and cat people. I fall firmly into the last category. Cats are just excellent: they sleep for most of the day, are only really interested in their owners for food and are quite happy to eat you when you are dead. I regard all of these as quite admirable tendencies in an animal (though possibly not in say, my wife).

An even bigger problem is that this beast we have acquired is a pedigree. As such it was really expensive. I could have coped more easily with a free to good home mongrel. Admittedly the alleged reason for a pedigree was to allow us to later get a female one (I am too well brought up to use one of the B words to describe a female dog) as well and then breed them. Clearly in Elenwe the farmer-ish streak of breeding things has struck back. It just shows you can take the girl out of the farm but you cannot take the farmer out of the girl.

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  • “our canine friends and wives”

    A canine wife? What a bitch!!

    “the farmer-ish streak of breeding things”

    I thought it was a human trait too, Turgon – if you accept my licence …

  • Animus

    In three months, you’ll be posting photos of this dog – who will by then probably have a cutesy name – and repenting your haste.

    I’m a cat person myself – no walkies in the rain and they are like a fluffy bit of furniture. Dogs require much more effort.

  • Dewi

    You were much better stroking the cat and planning world domination…dogs just get in the way mun….Nice post though…

  • Dewi, can you really imagine Jim Allister stroking a cat ….?

  • Dewi

    Nefyn – you might imagine Turgon as a kind, compassionate, caring bloke who helps old ladies cross the road but beneath that front there is a ruthless demagogue set on world domination…..and Elenwe is worse..beware! and as for the cats!

  • In our house the dog is above me on the food chain. Need I say more