International Women’s Day

Apparently it is International Women’s Day on 8th March. I want to suggest we have some sort of meeting to honour several women. Let us have a few examples. How about a very young woman (well girl actually) Michelle Baird? I suspect few will remember her name. I will, however, provide a link to jog memories. We could also have Jean McConville or Marie Wilson or a huge number of other names. In fact there are 139 names I could have included (women murdered by the IRA). SF MLA Jennifer McCann on the other hand has had a true brainwave. To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March she is trying to organise an event in the Long Gallery at Stormont. This event will be dedicated to IRA member Mairead Farrell.

Unsurprisingly this has created a storm of protest from the DUP and UUP. Nelson McCausland’s statement from the DUP web site describes the idea as ludicrous.