The British Irish experience

David Christopher offers his thoughts on the Reform Movement’s new blog on the developments made in the last 15 years from a southern perspective. He also outlines some issues yet to be dealt with. This comes soon after comments from Danny Kennedy in the Assembly, calling for the Republic to rejoin the Union.From David’s piece:

Of course there is still so much to do, and a long road ahead – we have seen the fruits of embracing Europe – so why not embrace the Commonwealth also? In doing so Ireland would become the fourth European Union nation in the Commonwealth, after the UK, Cyprus and Malta. Joining the Commonwealth would give the Irish Republic a whole new dimension to the work we already do with the EU and United Nations.

And perhaps most important of all, those of minority identity in the Republic are still denied the fundamental promise of the Good Friday Agreement – the right to choose between Irish citizenship, British citizenship or both. It is nonsensical that somebody of nationalist identity in Strabane, County Tyrone has this right, whilst somebody of Irish-British identity across the river in Lifford, County Donegal is denied it.