RTÉ’s turkey’s tune revealed

Via Conor Pope at PriceWatch, who laments the absence of a video. I’d be lamenting the absence of a tune.. ANYhoo.. It’s not my licence fee money.. but it’s worse than I thought.. and it will probably be RTÉ’s Eurovision entry.. Generally demented? If only.. Adds Keith has heard all six of RTÉ’s options. Update The public have spoken.. the RTÉ turkey it is.. [added link]

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  • susan

    Pete. Pete. Pete. He’s a turkey vulture. And this version is on YouTube claiming to be the official version, with something like 43,000 hits —


    (I couldn’t tell you for sure. Too busy arguing other Slugger threads out with the voices in my head.)

  • Pete Baker

    Susan. Susan. Susan. Turkey/turkey vulture.. Am I bovvered? ;op

  • susan

    Historically, yes, Pete.

    In any case, I’m reliably informed your version is the official version. It’s probably better for the economy.

  • Pete Baker

    Reliably informed?


  • Dewi

    Can’t help meself – me nephew on keyboard – ain’t he good!!


    That’s the Welsh entry!

  • susan

    Dewi, I loved it, truly I did. Made me happy to hear it. If Woman From Tokyo and Lay Down Sally had a baby, it would be your tune. :o)

    I’m going to decommission the computer now before I upload something we’ll all regret.

  • Pete Baker


    That’s vastly superior to ‘Here’s to you Ronnie Drew’ anyway.

  • Screwball

    Quite honestly Dustin could win by virtue of uniquness and sure Ireland win it all the time anyway. But no matter what no entry will ever rival the pure win factor that was Lordi’s Hard Rock Hallelujah.

  • joeCanuck

    The aboriginal people of North America are glad that Columbus was trying to get to India and not Turkey.

  • wallop

    woah, expected it to be terrible but funny. terrible! …and funny.

  • Dewi

    Pete – cut the crap and do a rugby blog will ya !

  • Crataegus

    GO for it and go right over the top on presentation, this is what Eurovision is all about and that tune is power for the course.The real entertainment in Eurovision is watching how the Balkan and Baltic countries vote.

    Just can’t get that melody out of my head.

  • Dewi

    “Guiness and West Life, 800 years of strife”

    Now that is what I call poetry!

  • Daniel Witts

    No, Devi! “BELFAST’s BUSTIN’ FOR DUSTIN! That’s Poetry! Should be on a T-Shirt, I say…

  • Yvonne

    Will Turkey send an Ireland as their entry?

  • Greenflag

    ‘Will Turkey send an Ireland as their entry? ‘

    Priceless -LOL- LMAO

    Lets hope the Serbs have a sense of humour or if not that Dustin is supplied with an asbestos suit or else our bird in Belgrade could be in for a roasting 🙂

  • susan

    lollol, Yvonne.

    GF, if the Serbs don’t like the Turkey, at worst they will tell him to get stuffed. Vive le Dustin, Vive l’Irlande!