McShane called handler to be lifted…

Interesting snippet from an web site called World Net Daily. It alleges that McShane sensed he was being moved in on, and called his handlers and asked to be taken out before the IRA acted against him. It alleges also that he was the conduit through which the British discovered critical intelligence on events as far back the killing of British soldiers at Warrenpoint, to the activities of the Columbia Three:

The car he drove, bought for Adams by Sinn Fein, became McShane’s listening post. MI5 had given him a bug that enabled all conversations in the vehicle to be recorded.

It was the recordings that enabled MI5 to learn the role the IRA played in sending three members to train the Colombian terror group FARC and about the masterminds behind the deaths of 18 British soldiers at Warrenpoint.

But last week, sensing the net was closing in on him, McShane sent a prearranged signal to his MI5 controller to be brought in from the cold.

Incidentally, Slugger hears there are uncorroborated rumours doing the rounds in West Belfast that up to three more informers are on the brink of being outed…

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