Eames Bradley: fit for purpose 2

I blogged about La Mon below and mentioned the Consultative Group on the Past. It appears that they have received over 2000 letters opposing an amnesty. It is okay to ignore them, however, because they may have been part of a coordinated campaign. I have discussed this issue before (with little interest generated) but I will mention it again. When this body was set up it was heavily criticised, its public meetings have frequently been reported as being acrimonious. I would be most surprised if Eames or Bradley or any of the others think that the whole truth or even a fraction of it will come out from their proceedings. I very much doubt that this exercise will provide any catharsis at all; surely it is much more likely to open old wounds and inflame anger?

Again I would ask are these learned people prepared to think laterally about their mandate, at least temporarily (possibly indefinitely) suspend their activities and try to close the Pandora’s box they seem intent on opening. Alternatively have they come too far to do that or, being more critical are they too fond of their roles, purpose, power and current exalted status to admit that whilst they are unlikely to provoke violence; they are most unlikely to help Northern Irish society?